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Submit a Photo to AstroStop!
AstroStop welcomes all interested photographers to submit their work at no charge.


    Follow these steps to see your photos on AstroStop ...


    First, make a list of the following information for each photo:

    (include as much information as you can, but at least the first 5 items for each photo)
      1.  Your name.
      2.  The name of the object in the photo, including any star or deep space catalogue numbers, if known.
      3.  The date and time the photo was taken (approximate time is Ok).
      4.  The place where the photo was taken (city and state or a description of the location).
      5.  Give the filename of the photo this information is about.

      6.  The sensitivity that your digital camera used when taking the picture, or film speed (ex. ISO 800).
      7.  The focal length of the lens used (ex. 200mm).
      8.  The f-stop and exposure time used (ex. f2.8, 2min).
      9.  Was the camera on a stationary tripod, or was it guided to follow the motion of the sky?
    10.  Give a short explanation of the local conditions at the time the photo was taken, and add any

           personal comments about your experience in taking the photo.

      1.  Save the above information in a text file.
      2.  Create a zip file that contains the text file and all of your photos.
      3.  Email the zip file to Dave.

     Once your photos have arrived, they will appear on AstroStop the very next day.

Be sure to tell your friends and family to look for your photos on AstroStop!