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ďIs my hair alright?Ē


Ben KD7BCW silent key.




All the different Little People Network stations that checked in on 3765 kHz the week of 12/09 Ė 12/15, our RECORD for one week.

KN6Z, KD7BCW, NZ7J, N7EN, W5HO, KE3KR, NR7Q, AG7G, K6MJD, W6FE, KB5B, W7LW, K6HTM, AF7J, W7LNG, KI6U, AE6FG, WQ6I, AD5SU, KT0DD, N6NP, K6AII, KE7BBX, WJ6Q, K7PSK, VA7MJS, KG6TT, AD9DX, AA8KB, AD7HP, KF7J, KC7ZNA, WA7PZR, K6LDO, VE5ANB, K6ZSR, N7TH, W7RU, K6FEJ, WB7EUH, AF6D, KG6TT, K7PRS, WG6K, WB6GGY, KO6QK, WY8I, W7KOL, K6PIC, KF6VOM, XE1HDD/W6, AD7HP, KF7J, KB1UM, WY8I, WA7CO, KE7GET, NO5I, KC0HLX, W1VO, VE7AYQ, AF6D, WC1E, WA6DAC, W7ZCX, K6USY, KD8CFU, N7FDI (Echolink/Cross band). Sixty-three different stations, not counting the blues or non-extras, smashing the old record of forty-four.


Barney Hall of Fame: Ben KD7BCW, Eric W7ZCX, John W6FE, Cary KD7KAU, Mike VA7MJS, Mike KB1UM, Duane AG7G, Joe KO6M, Bruce W6RAT, Terry KB5B, Chuck KE3KR, Moody WQ6I, Bob AF6D, Mike AA8KB, Conrad N7EN, Randy KC7ZNA, Gary ZL3SV, Mark K6FEJ, Mark K6MJD, Larry W5HO, John K7PRS, Gregg AE6FN, RoboLon KE7BBX, Dave WA6DAC, Bruce N6THN, Gary W6FH, Kevin K7TST, Art W6OBB, Kevin AD8Q, Iain K6IAM, Bob K6MIT, Tom W7PD, Keith KD7KZV, Stan WG6K, Mike AD5SU, Phil WB6GGY, Bob K6AII, Adam AF6ME, Greg W6EZV, Buddy W7JPL, WJ6Y John, W7HW Duane, K7JRL John, N7MAL Mal, WY6L Dean, WJ6Y John,


Ham Radio Heaven: W6NZA Art, Dave WA6DAC; Eric W7ZCX; Terry KB5B; Diane N7TNP; Buddy W7JPL; Orv K6UEY; Ben KD7BCW. Whoís NEXT???


Amp Repair Story


The Little People Regulars, past and present:



KN6Z Glenn ďSteward of the Realm of Art BellĒ San Diego

KD7BCW Ben ďThe Horizontal HamĒ Salem, OR.

K6AII Bob ďReady to RumbleĒ Rancho Cucamonga

AF6D Bob ďBig Bear BobĒ Big Bear

N7EN Conrad ďMr. NormalĒ Gilbert, AZ.

W6EZV Greg ďThe GREEN EntityĒ Burbank

W6FH Gary ďMouse BuddyĒ Nevada City

AG7G Duane ďThe AntichristĒ Yuppyville

WB6GGY Phil ďYosemite SamĒ Twainhart

W5HO Larry ďHOĒ New Mexico

W7HW Duane ďHot WaterĒ Silverton, OR.

WQ6I Moody ďMoodyĒ Claremont

WG6K Stan ďFat HeadĒ Aptos

VR2HF Dan Hong Kong

N6LN Jack ďI BallĒ Palos Verdes

W7MAL Mal ďMalcontentĒ Bullhead City

WAE6OF Paul ďClear ChannelĒ Bakersfield

K7PRS John ďPorta JohnĒ Redondo Beach

W6RAT Bruce ďRatĒ Coos Bay, OR.

KR7RR John Arrr! ďCaptainĒ Safford, AZ.

N6THN Bruce Vacaville

KB1UM Mike ďMusic MikeĒ Seattle





Flying Dish video:


Baron von LaBond


To the tune of ďSnoopy vs the Red BaronĒ by the Royal Guardsmen.


Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty check-ins or more,

That Bloody Red Michael, whoís rolliní up the score.

Eighty jammers cried trying to break that spree,

Of that Bloody Red Michael, of Mich-a-geen.




Listening to the WARFA net drives me mad with desireÖ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† I knew Iíd regret that last bottle.

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For the usual QSO journal, go to the bottom of the Med story.


Mediterranean Extravaganza


In the midafternoon of Tuesday July 14 we drove my vehicle from Jamul to my momís house and left the car there.We took a cab from there to the San Diego airport, and thatís when the trip went to hell.The small United Airlines plane that was to supposed to take us from San Diego to LAX, where we hoped to connect with a Swiss Air flight to Zurich, was late.So we missed the Swiss Air flight.From Zurich we were supposed to catch a flight to Florence, which was our ďfinalĒ destination, at least until it was time to catch the cruise ship at Civitavecchia.


Swiss Air sent us back to United, as it was apparently their fuck up to fix.That meant more LAX shuttle hell.


Moving around LAX is not easy.Getting from the United gate to the Bradly international terminal was confusing, strenuous, and time consuming.And now we had to do it in reverse to get back to United.

United told us we would just have to rot in L.A. overnight, and get the same Swiss Air flight to Zurich the next afternoon.And furthermore, they refused to put us up in a hotel, because ďÖthere were no hotels.ĒIn all of Hell-A, there were no fucking hotels.BZ would have none of that and started shitting bricks, enough to build another Roman city wall.BZ was demanding a flight to somewhere that afternoon/evening that would dump us off somewhere else where there was a flight available either to Florence directly, or at least someplace in Europe where we could get a flight to Florence.Short of that, she wanted a God-damned hotel.United fucked up, and BZ wanted some justice, some compensation.But no fucking way.No hotel.Even with a hotel, weíd lose a day and one of the already-paid-for nights at the Florence hotel.United wound up getting us a flight that night to Newark.They promised us a hotel in Newark, where we could at least get a few hoursí sleep before the flight to Munich, after which we would catch a flight to Florence.†† Getting SOMEWHERE that night seemed better to us than getting nowhere overnight in L.A., and having no place to stay.


So what about our luggage?Did Swiss Air have it?The United agent answered Yes, even though it is illegal for bags to travel without the people that belong to them, under normal circumstances.It wouldnít make sense that the bags would be sent to Swiss Air if the owners never checked in with Swiss Air.Anyway, the idiot at United said we should go back to Swiss Air and get our bags, for our United flight to Newark.Oh, Jeezus, not more airport shuttles.Back to Swiss air we went, but when we got there around 9 pm, they were gone.There were no Swiss Air signs anywhere.It was as if they had never existed.They had gone home and all their lighted signs had changed their names to that of some other airline.Holy Jeezes, what a nightmare.Who had our bags?Swiss Air?United?Were the bags on their way across the Atlantic, or still on the ground?I really didnít want to leave LAX until I knew where our luggage was, but nobody could tell us.So we just crossed our fingers and got on that God-cursed flight to Newark.†† We would have to make phone calls the next day to a new gang of incompetents who didnít know or care where our fucking luggage was.


Newark Hell.After a sleepless night flying to Newark, we arrived to find that of course the bags were not in Newark.There was no reason not to check, but little reason to hope.So we next went to customer ďserviceĒ to see about our hotel.The United agent said No Dice.BZ wrapped a piece of piano wire that she happened to have with her, around the agentís neck, but the agent maintained that there were no hotels.In all of Newark there were no hotels.We told her we were promised a hotel by the idiot at LAX, but the Newark agent said that donít mean shit.The LAX agent must first call Newark and find out the hotel situation, before making grandiose promises.So now weíd had no sleep in, like, forever, on a steady diet of stress, and we still had no hotel.We had to spend eight horrible hours in the Newark airport, waiting for another sleepless flight across the Atlantic to Munich.It was early morning when we got into Newark, and midafternoon when we got on the plane to Munich.


I desperately needed to sleep at some point, so once on the Munich plane, I dug out some pills.I had some Vicodin and Valium and Viagra and ordered a couple little rums and a coke and mixed it all together, but I canít remember much after that, except for some dream about having a zipper-busting knobby.We did somehow get to Munich, because I recall some Krauts and a really nice airport.Beautiful food available everywhere in the airport.I bought some Euro for use in Florence, and a delicious cheesy Kraut pretzel, and sat down to wait for the plane to Florence, which was, naturally, late.


It was hot and humid in Florence.Shit.And hot in the airport.We went to the baggage claim.It was a long shot, and of course we lost.No bags.No surprise.So we filled out their lost-bag form.BZ was periodically making phone calls and chewing peopleís asses off, but nobody could guarantee anything about the bags.


So we took a taxi to our bend-over hotel, the De La Ville, and the room was just wonderful.The De La Ville was much like the Grand Budapest Hotel from the movie of the same name.There was a huge, ancient, historic church right across the street, with bend-over fashionable shops all around.It was an upscale end of town for sure.Finally a little pleasure in our so-far miserable trip, and a place to get some rest.But all we had were the clothes on our backs.Each day I washed my clothes in the sink with shampoo.BZ went across the street to the fashionable ass-reaming clothing store and got some bend-over things to wear.All Becky had with her were jeans, and it was hot and sweltering in Florence.All the other gals were stripping down to within an inch of the law, so Becky got with it and bought some more-revealing emergency clothes.


While in Florence, BZ continued making phone calls, trying to track our bags.Word on the street was that our luggage was vacationing in Zurich, but would arrive soon at our Florence hotel.Well, the luggage didnít get there till the day we checked out of the room, which was on the third day.We missed the first night, thanks to United, but stayed the remaining two, having paid for all three.


We had a blast in Florence, even without the bags.Even while walking around in crunchy underwear.BZ had nice fresh Euro undies, however.The day we arrived we just explored.Did a bit of walking around.Got some supplies, like bottled water, booze, gelato.What have you.Just sort of felt out the place.We happened upon the train station and took careful note of that, because weíd need to be there in a couple of days to catch a train to the port town of Civitavecchia.Dinner at the hotel that night was awful, so we ate elsewhere from then on.


The biggest United-related loss was Peetza.We wanted to see the leaning tower on the way to Civitavecchia, but now there was not going to be enough time.


On our second day in Florence we did a LOT of hiking.We had a centrally located hotel, which meant a lot of stuff we wanted to see was within a mile radius.Florence was hot and steaming.Sweltering.


We first humped over to the Accademia Gallery museum, more than anything to get Michelangeloís David on the resume.We had tix in hand, purchased over the internet before we left San Diego, but our show-up time was too late to suit us because we were short on time thanks to United, and wanted to squeeze as much shit into each day as possible.So we got into the scum line, hoping to reach the entrance early and perhaps be admitted.If not, weíd just buy more tix, even with perfectly good ones in hand.Time was aginí us.A charming, attractive scalper lady was working the line and offered us prepaid tix for an earlier time than the tix we held.I decided to pay her.That way we could jump the scum line and get in early for sure.After we did the deal, I offered to sell her the prepaid tix we already held -- but didnít want -- for a song.She agreed to the great deal, but the mistake we made was selling her a printout that also had the bar codes for the Uffize Gallery museum tix.But that is another story.


Inside the Accademia Gallery we saw Michelangeloís David: his huge head, huge hands, huge feet, and his little tiny pee pee.He killed Goliath with Godís help.So whatís the big deal?The contest was RIGGED.David doesnít deserve any recognition, if he had the aid of an omnipotent being.With Godís help, my mom could kill Godzilla with her rolling pin.So why does David get a statue?BZ and I took pix of each other in front of David, and saw a bunch of other shit.Then it was time for the Uffize Gallery.


It was a hot and sweaty death march from museum to museum, we were pressed for time, and we didnít know our way around.With difficulty we found the Uffize, but were refused admittance because that scalper bitch had wasted no time in redeeming our prepaid-tix bar codes, which we had inadvertently included in the Accedamia deal.Fuck.Fuck her.Boy she sure did make sure we paid for our mistake.So we had to buy more tix, which we did.

Inside Uffize we saw about a million paintings of the Madonna with baby Jesus.It was tough going, because we were about used up after the Accademia Gallery, and the death march around town.

Thereís a famous bridge in Florence called the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence.Itís dense with jewelry shops.You have to get it on the resume, so after Uffize we summoned what was left of our will and humped on down to and across the Ponte Vecchio.Truly an anticlimactic experience.


Then it was another long hike back to the hotel, where we got cleaned up, and walked to a nice restaurant for dinner.Later that evening, we took a random walk, checking out the town squares.They like town squares in Italy.In the evening lots of people congregate.We still didnít have our luggage, so I stopped at a small clothing store and bought three shirts.I am very pleased with them.One of the town squares we visited was surrounded by restaurants and bars and stuff.We stopped in to one for coffee and gelato.After the coffee break, we humped on down to the Palazzo Vecchio, where we had been earlier that day, visiting the Uffize Gallery.There is a big copy of David standing outside, publicly flaunting his penis.Iím telliní ya, those Italians and Greeks are obsessed with penises.They are everywhere, but in the Vatican museums most of the penises have been cut off the statues.God is embarrassed by penises.Anyway, when we arrived at the Palazzo Vecchio, a wind orchestra (similar to the one I play in, but they were pros) had set up nearby against the wall of an ancient church.They also had a standard drum kit, guitars, base, and key board.They started belting out pop tunes by ABBA, Queen, and what have you.There was a big, appreciative crowd clapping, dancing and cheering, ourselves included; and a conga line quickly formed.The conga line snaked through the crowd, picking up bodies as it went.It was a lot of spontaneous fun right out of nowhere.


So that was the end of the third night of our trip, but we were returning to our hotel for only the second night IN THE HOTEL.It should have been the third night in the hotel.We lost the money for what would have been our first night in the hotel, because we spent that first night in planes and airports, thanks to Unitedís fuck up.


The next morning was like Christmas Day.Our bags finally arrived on a plane from Zurich, and were brought up to our room.I didnít have any Euro for a tip, so BZ just gave the guy a blow job.He was a very short little guy, in an organ grinderís-monkey suit, so BZ practically had to lie on her belly.Clean clothes, tooth paste, my laptop Ė what a luxury.Our bags had been searched at some point, and my bottle of Mane and Tail emptied.All the other liquids and booze were still there.Mane and Tail is just hair detangler, for use after showering.There must be some chemical in it that is not allowed.


We had to check out of the room that morning, so the hotel stored our bags for us while we did some sight-seeing before catching the train to Ceviteveccia, the port town where we were to board Royal Screwingís Rhapsody of the Seas.Our top priority that last day was the Galileo Museum.It was not devoted solely to Galileo by any means, but it had Galileoís telescopes on exhibit, and three of his fingers.I shit you not.We saw three of Galileoís fingers.And there were other Galileo artifacts on display.It was an exhausting museum, because it had many floors, and you take the stairs or you just donít go.


BZ had hoped to see the Da Vinci museum too that day, but I had nothinNothiní left.And there just wasnít time.We had to get back to the hotel, get our bags, and drag them to the train station for the ride to Civitavecchia.We could have taken a taxi to the train station, but it was only three blocks, so we decided to save ten bucks and drag our bags over bumpy streets and sidewalks.


The train ride was uneventful; even enjoyable.We were very careful not to fuck up like on the last Euro adventure, when we got trapped on the Eurostar and were dragged from our cruise ship port at Ashford, all the way to London.You gotta be ready to get off that fucking train when it stops, because the doors donít stay open long.


We took a cab to the Spartan hotel in Civitavecchia: Hotel Traghetto.I donít normally stay in hotels with names containing the letters G-H-E-T-T-O.†† It was no frills, baby, but it was close to the cruise ship terminal, and our mission was mainly just to sleep and then get on that damn boat.After settling in, we walked to a restaurant we had researched on the web.Supposed to be the best in town, and I guess it was, because they had no room for us and we had no reservations.So we gave them the finger, and just wandered into a local pizzeria at random.There were lots of people there.Pizza was fine.Not life changing.I really enjoyed the beer.After dinner we walked around the dock and marina area for a while then went back to the hotel and fell into bed.


Our ghetto hotel was very close to the cruise terminal shuttle stop, so the next morning we just hoofed it with our luggage, got on the shuttle, and were on the boat in no time.Royal Screwingís Rhapsody of the Seas.I dumped all my booze into drinking water bottles; otherwise the booze disappears when they search your luggage.Some people put their booze in mouthwash bottles, and add a drop of blue food coloring.


That first night on the boat was the fifth night of the trip.There had already been one night on planes and in airports, two nights in Florence, and one night in Civitavecchia.There was a sail-away party that night on the boat, but we didnít pay too much attention.All the next day and night were at sea.We were balling for Greece, at around 20 knots.On the seventh day of the trip we were in port at Santorini, Greece.


Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands.We took a guided bus and walking tour of the island, which included the Akrotiri ruins and Oia village, and then we were left on our own.The tour came with tix for the hair-raising cable car ride down the steep cliffs to the dock where we would meet the tender that would take us back to the boat.The bus had taken us up to the cliff tops earlier, when we first got off the tender.Before riding the cable car down, we had dinner at a nice, cliff-top restaurant with a breathtaking view of the sea.We could see our leaky tub down there in the water, along with some other cruise ships.I ordered bream, a mild white fish, full of bones.Itís like eating a trout.After dinner we did some shopping, and then took the hair-raising cable car ride down the cliff to the dock.It was pretty fun.We then hopped aboard one of the tenders, and headed back to the ship.


Day eight, we were on the island of Mykonos.Favorite of the super-rich.We had scheduled a beach excursion, during which we planned some snorkeling, but the wind was so strong we blew (heh, heh) it off and took a loss on the money weíd spent.The beach just didnít sound too appealing in a wind storm.In fact a couple of cruise ships thought it too risky to get close enough to the island for tendering, so they just blew off the whole damn thing.We did go ashore and looked around, but did no beach activity.Stopped in at a small museum.


The boat took us to Athens on day nine.Of course we did the Acropolis.It was a guided tour.We were bussed from the cruise terminal along with our guide.She wasnít easy to understand, and the audio on the little intercom headsets we were wearing was terrible.These little intercom devices were called ďWisper,Ē and they were just awful.We used them on three tours.Useless.


Day ten saw us in Olympia on the Peloponnesian peninsula.The site of the first Olympic Games.Our tour guide was definitely a fresh fruit salad.Greek salad.He did a nice job, however.Very expressive and enthusiastic.The tour included a stop at a winery where we were served wine and cheese and some crackers or something.We sat down at a table with three young Americans.The two girls were from Boston, and the guy was from Sierra Vista, AZ.You gotta be fucking kidding me.I canít escape Sierra Vista.It follows me to Greece.


The eleventh day we spent at sea, balling back to Civitavecchia, where on day twelve we would catch a bus excursion to Rome.We could have just taken the train to Rome, but we spent the money to do it the easy way, via this cruise-sponsored bus ride.


The expensive bus ride was fine.They dumped us at the Rome Termini train station.From there we took a taxi to our hotel.The hotel was in the Forum area, within a Roman archerís range of the Coliseum.

Our room was funky, man.The bed had a built-in psychedelic light show.The trash cans had padded lids for seating.It wasnít nearly as swank or comfortable as the Florence hotel room, but it sure was funky, and good enough.I should also say that it had a big shower/spa tub.Very powerful bubble jets on the sides and BOTTOM of the tub.Sitting in that tub, I felt like I was getting a flexible sigmoidoscopy.


We had ordered a drink on the ship a few days earlier that came in a blue plastic glass with a strobe light.We got in the habit of humping to this strobe glass.We broke it out in our Rome room and turned it on, and turned on the psychedelic bed light show, and humped away.We continued this throughout the trip and after we got home, although we donít have the psychedelic bed at home.I fear that when the batteries in the strobe glass peter out, my peter will peter out.I think Iíve developed strobe dependence.Once that glass poops out, I just donít think I will be able to get it up any more.


Anyway, back at the ranch, itís still our first day in Rome, the twelfth day of our trip, and weíre getting our asses out and seeing stuff.And we hoofed it.BZ had researched a little restaurant up an ally way, and it looked like a good bet.So we took a long hike over there, and the navigation was not easy.OMG, using the nav aid on your phone runs up a huge data charge overseas.We saw a lot of cool stuff along the way, though.After dinner we continued the hike to the Pantheon, then the TreviFountain (which had no water in it), and finally the Spanish Steps.Wowee wow wow, it was a long walk back to the hotel.


On day thirteen we called a cab and told the driver to take us to the Popeís house.Wowee wow wow,that was some project.The Vatican has a lot to offer for sight seers, and it was a lot of work on a hot sweltering day.We mostly wanted to get the Sistine Chapel on the resume, which we did.We skipped much of the rest of the museums.The Sistine Chapel has a dress code, but most of the women were blowing it off.It was just so damned hot.I was seeing butt cheeks sticking out from under shorts and skirts all over the place.In colder weather, I bet the dress code is more strictly enforced.


And you have to be QUIET in the Sistine Chapel.They yell at you over a booming PA system, to shut the fuck up or youíll piss off God.And no photos.Not just no flashes, but NO PICTURE TAKING, or you will fucking go to HELL.Well, I got my on-the-sly bootleg cell video, same as everybody else.Itís futile trying to enforce the no pix rule.Itís too easy to surreptitiously take pix and video.


After exiting the museums, we hiked around to the ďfront,Ē i.e., St. Peterís Square.I definitely wanted to get some pix and take all that in.Iíve seen that place crammed with people on Easter and Christmas dozens of times, and it was fun to be there and think about that.


At that point we were whipped.And it was just steaming outside.Hell ainít hot, itís the fucking Vatican thatís hot.When I die, Iím going to wake up at the Popeís house.I was weak and beaten and vulnerable and I let us get scammed by a crooked taxi driver who charged us too much to get back to the hotel.It is against the law to quote a price to a prospective customer before the ride, and then drive with the meter off.I knew that but I just didnít have the energy to move on to other crooked Italian drivers, who may or may not have given us a fair shake.Or a fair fare.These criminals are ripping people off right under the Popeís nose.Christnose Iíll see those mother fuckers in HELL.


Actually, we axed Guido to drop us off at the Forum, which was close to our hotel.But instead he dumped us in front of the Collesium, which he insisted was part of a larger area called the ďForum.ĒWell, thatís not what our map said.Anyway, we got out and paid off the scoundrel, and then did some more hiking around looking at ruins, found the Forum, and then decided to get some dinner on a main drag close to the hotel.We didnít really know what little joint to go into, until a guy named Guido zinged out at us and offered us AC.Well, we were all over that shit.Most of the little dives in that restaurant row were sans AC.


It was a good little place.I got generic spaghetti and meat balls.No better or worse than a typical Italian dive in the U.S.BZ got a disappointing veggie sandwich.


We rested up at the hotel after dinner, and then walked back to the forum to meet our after-dark Coliseum-tour.Guido, our guide, gave us a pretty thorough tour of the whole area, before we even marched off to the Coliseum.


The Coliseum is awesome, day or night.The nighttime tour was a blessed relief from the scorching sweltering daytime touring.There were some fun and creepy things to see deep down inside the Coliseum, in the dark.I did not, however, see Kirk Douglass or Russel Crowe.


That done, and as tired and spent as we were, we actually returned that night on our own to see some of the sights weíd seen in the Forum area, earlier on the tour, on our way to the Coliseum.We got back to our room late, and flopped in bed.We had to rest and recover for the bike tour down the Appian Way the next afternoon.


In the early afternoon of day fourteen, we hoofed it on down to the bike rental shop where we were to join a bike tour that would take us bumping along the cobble stone and lava rock road that is the Appian Way, a road of typically crappy Roman workmanship.The Appian Way is a jarring bike ride.Now, these bikes were electric assist bikes.As you pedal, an electric motor helps your sorry-ass along.They are strictly for old men, cripples, and Nancy boys; and some fourth category that I belong to.We covered eighteen miles over rough terrain, and I must say it was a pretty easy eighteen miles, except for my ass.My ass was really bruised and beaten up.I wish Iíd had the special fat-ass seat that I enjoy on my own bike.I would not normally cover eighteen miles on a bike without electric assist, so my ass would not normally be tested like this.I need ass ass-ist.


Only a part of the bike tour was along the Appian Way.We were all over the place.We stopped at a catacomb, and took brief guided tour there.It was kind of awkward when we arrived, because the church over the catacomb was giving a funeral.Bikers and mourners and a hearse.And a body.The catacombs were not that deep, but were amazingly cold compared to the sweltering surface.After the catacomb tour, we surfaced and rode off.Down the road we had a fabulous close encounter with the Roman Aqua Duck.Aqua seems superfluous, donít you think?Itís a perfectly awesome duck.About half way through the tour we stopped at a huge ancient stone farm house.Like a thousand years old or something.Itís a working sheep farm.People live there.Men.Who fuck sheep.We were served wine and bread and sheepís-milk cheese.The cheese was out of this world.I was constipated for a month.


After the little break and snack we biked on back to the bike rental store.Much of this tour was in the country, but we had to do some riding in Italian traffic, and that is HAIRY.Fourteen people of varying skill levels trying to navigate round-a-bouts and congested intersections.The guide told us that we must totally commit.If the cars see a continuous stream of bikes crossing the street, they might stop.But if there is a break in the chain, the cars will go for it, and then weíre fucked.Weíre Italian sausage, with tread marks.Are there any Italian insurance companies crazy enough to cover a bidness like this?


After the bike ride, we tipped Guido (who has a Masterís in history), and hoofed it on back to our room, for our last night of the trip.We ate at the same pizzeria that we ate at the night before, the one with AC.

On the morning of the fifteenth day we took a taxi to the Rome airport.What a crummy airport.God, that airport in Munich was just heaven.LAX, Newark, and Rome are just hellacious airports.There was this stupid line outside the airport that appeared to be mandatory, but there really was no explanation for it, or of who needed to be standing in it, anywhere.So we stood in it with the other idiots.Fortunately we left the hotel plenty early, and were not pressed for time, yet.But we could be if that line didnít move.


As it turned out, international travelers did not need to be in that line.Lucky for us some people around us pushed to the front and got the dope.Word spread quickly and in no time at all we international travelers were pushing past the guards and storming the gates to the terminal.


The flight to Washingtonís Dullard airport was uneventful, but it was kind of a pain in the ass when we got there because it was there that we had to re-enter the U.S.Thereís a lotta lines to stand in and you gotta show-uh you pass-a-port.


We made our connection to San Diego without a hitch.At some point in the flight they passed out a simple meal of sandwiches.I think there was a turkey option and a veggie option.By the time the steward-asses had gotten back to the cheap seats, the veggie option was gone.Poor BZ.I axed for the turkey, which by now was the default.BZ axed if perhaps there was a seafood option, which practically caused the steward-ass to pee her panties laughing.Her terse, smartass reply was, ďYou eat turkey or you donít eat.ĒMr. Wise guy, a passenger sitting next to BZ, overheard all this shit and axed the steward-ass if she had any Lobster Thermidor.Can you believe that butt hole making sport of poor sweet innocent little BZ?And the treatment she got from that asshole steward-ass?Iím telliní ya folks, stay outta the cheap seats.The only good that came out of this was that I got TWO turkey sandwiches.Coming up the isle on the opposite side of our row of seats a few minutes after that ugly sandwich scene was a fruit basket passing out the same depleted selection of sandwiches.I yelled over the heads of all the passengers in between him and me, and made an appeal for a veggie sandwich.†† He said he had one left.Cold by now, but he had one.So BZ gladly stuffed it into her flapping pie hole, shutting her up for a while, and I scored her unwanted turkey sandwich, to go along with the one I had already received.


We deplaned in San Diego, got our bags, and rode a taxi to my momís house.From there we drove my car home to Jamul, where we have now resumed our dull and pointless lives.


Sun Oct 9


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




We talked about the huge WARFA night, tonight.I listened to 3908 from 9:00 to 9:30, and there were just ungodly long gaps with no jamming.I think I only heard jamming about a fourth of the time.Marxist Mike set a personal record for WARFA check-ins.3846 got more jamming, apparently.Capitano Mike W6MVM won his boat race, the first of four.The Hot Rum run.We talked about todayís very poorly prepared students.Poorly prepared for everything.Moody WQ6I axed me if I had any regrets now that Iíve been living in the boondocks for a couple of years.I said the advantages of having room for an Art Bell loop and giant EME station, and dark skies for astronomy, far outweighed the disadvantages -- the most obvious of which is being a half hour from the frontier of civilization.



Sun Oct 4


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




We briefly covered WARFA tonight.WARFA is still rockiní 150 check-ins/week.I checked into WARFA earlier, then went out on the driveway to make my observations of RU Ophiucus, and listen to the rest of the net.The WARFA-Jamming Corps sounds like itís down to, like, one guy.The multi layered jamming of old I havenít heard in a while.I brought John K7PRS up to date on my testing of the EME mount.The azimuthal motion test was a success, but ended in the hopeless seizing up of the gear box.Steve W7CI warned me that it jams up, but until I tested it under load, it didnít jam.So I am going to have to take it out (again) and replace it with the spare gearbox that Steve gave me, but adapting the spare gearbox is going to take some work.Welding, drilling through thick steel, and other unpleasant shit.I also need to obtain, or have made, a spline to fit the input of the spare gearbox.I got a good tip on a machine shop from part-time San Diegan, Mike W6MVM.


Sun Oct 25


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




We had fun tonight, but I canít remember why.I checked in, but was left out of the loop for several rounds.Finally Moody WQ6I remembered I was there, and gave me a chance.We got involved once again in the dish project.My neighbor brought over his fork lift and cherry picker.We lifted the mount with the fork lift and got the cherry picker in position.I want to hang one end of the mount from the cherry picker so I can test the azimuthal motion.But the bottle jack that raises the cherry picker arm is not beefy enough.Itís a six ton, but for the torque we are going to need (40 inches times 1500 pounds), I am going to have to upgrade to a 20 ton bottle.Then I think Iíll be fine.The mount will rise a foot or two, hang for testing, and then sit back down on the 8 x 8ís.All this fork lift service is free.I remind the reader that my neighbor lifted the mount off of the flat bed for me, no charge.He also helps us out by scraping our dirt driveway smooth with his dozer.Mike W6MVM is coming down to San Diego for the Hot Rum sailboat race.He has invited BZ and I to hang with the cool yachting crowd and ride along on his 38 foot racing boat, drinking wine the whole way, then getting drunk after the race, on rum drinks.Mike is also getting some IHY boxes for one of his rigs, so we have some fun fun fun in store, audio testing.Good WARFA tonight.I donít think there were more than two jammers.There were some long dead spaces where Marxist Mike AA8KB could check in anybody on the Moon with ease.



Sat Oct 24


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




Everybody was pleased to hear from Bob AF6D tonight.He reports that daughter Rachel is still doing well.Bob is having severe pain, but has cut back a lot on the dope anyway (I appealed to him that he return to me the unused portion for a full refund.).Bob is back with his on-and-off main squeeze, Susan.Heís very happy with her, at least for now.Bob expressed his heart-felt appreciation for the welcome back he received from the Collective.Hurricane Patricia came up in conversation, and Bob gave us a short update.I reported on my travails here in the back country.A flying critter chewed through another pulley line on one of my masts.So the antenna has fallen thirty feet or so at one spot.Iím going to have to lower the damn mast to fix it.Lowering and raising one of the loop masts is an all day ordeal.I also reported on my failed attempt to jack up the dish mount with a bottle jack.Too tippy.The mount fell off the jack.I need to start getting used to operating 432 MHz.Steve W7CI gave me some yagis, andBob and John K7PRS gave me some advice on building a phased array.



Wed Oct 21


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




Everybody was signing when I checked in.Signing was in fact all I had in mind, anyway.Jackalope ďDry VaginaĒ Dave K7DV was on freq earlier looking for me.Sorry I missed him.


Friday Oct 16


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




Tonight I really wanted to hear from El Cubano WQ6I.He had quite an adventure in Havana and surroundings.He was mobbed repeatedly by adoring fans Ė SWLs Ė who wanted to know if he, El Cubano, was really God King of WARFA.El Cubano stayed at the Hotel National de Cuba.The best in town, naturally.El Cubano Iím sure would settle for nothing less.Cuba is apparently a communist paradise.Everybody gets $20/mo., free.No charge, comrade.El Cubano saw some jazz shows and ate great food.The emphasis is on hordeurves.He says the restaurants try to outdo each otherís hordeurves.El Cubano enjoyed (I guess) caviar, on more than one occasion.Some aspects of the communist paradise are primitive, apparently.Internet access is not easy, and itís expensive.But everybody get $20/mo., so who cares?Besides hordeurves, another constant is rum.Rum at every meal.El Cubano really enjoyed his outings to the country, including a trip to a cigar making operation.He brought home some cigars.He tried to bring home some bottles of fine liquor, but those crazy communists took the booze away from him at the airport.I very much enjoyed El Cubanoís account of his fantasy trip to a forbidden land.John K7PRS told me that Jacklope Dave and Hot Water have been on 36 recently, and that they axed about me.I havenít been around much.I hope I get a chance to reconnect with them.John and I spent some time discussing options for the next step in my journey toward inevitable EME stardom.He and Steve W7CI really want me to come up with something better than the photocopy machine motor Steve has been using to drive the dish in azimuth.Itís fine for tracking the moon, but itís all slow all the time.Slewing the dish to a new target, such as the star in the news recently with giant alien structures orbiting it -- towards which I want to transmit a signal of hostility and warning not to come here and fuck with our planet -- would take a long time.



Sunday Oct 4


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




Well tonight we talked a bit about my recent salvage job in Sierra Vista.Not the dish, but the other junk.Thereís an inductor John K7PRS would like me to find somewhere in some tuner I got in the pile of stuff, and give it to Capt Mike W6MVM.I already have a tube that I am supposed to give him.Jack N6LN checked in and wanted an update on the resurrection of the dish.Iím testing motors and the gearbox.John gave me a recommendation on how to lubricate the gearbox: through the bunghole.When Iím satisfied that all the stuff I can test, works, Iím going to have my neighbor dig me a big hole and Iím going to sink the mount deep in concrete.I get the impression Jack doesnít want me to fart around and be timid for too long, he wants to see that mount upright.We met a new friend tonight: Dick W7KDL.Heís some kind of laser technology designer, retired.He should fit right in with the broad array of accomplished people on 3636.I told him how nice and sane and accomplished we all are.Our level of personal achievement is exceeded only by our humility.And we also met an old friend tonight: Bike Mike AD6SU.Heís about to make his yearly get away from Williams, AZ. to Texas.A ham down there croaked and Mike got the SKís 20 meter Step IR and a tower for cheap.Heís got to climb the sixty-foot tower tomorrow and get the antenna down.I got a call from the Entity W6EZV.He saw my announcement on this page, about Ben KD7BCWís death.He wanted to know when it happened, so I filled him in.



Sunday Sep 27


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




Well tonight the big news was the WARFA Retreat, and Jack N6LNís apparently stupendous Rasperry Pi presentation.It sure was a knock out with John K7PRS.The Entity W6EZV brought his ten inch telescope, and everybody had a look at the moon.We talked a bit about the lunar eclipse.I watched it while I tested the motor and gearbox that I acquired from Steve W7CI, as part of the huge EME installation he gave me.That photocopy motor just screams, and I just let it drive the hell out of that gear box.Itís like a 6000 to 1 gearbox, and after an hour of screaming along, the output gear had not gone round even once.Steve says the gearbox binds up sometimes, and that I should use something else.He actually gave me a spare, but using it has its own problems.Anyway, I have so far observed no seizing up of the gearbox.Thatís why I was running it for so long tonight, I want to see if it really does get hung up.We talked about the postal poop kit I got in the mail from Kaiser.I had a flexible sigmoid five years ago, and after that they stopped sending me the postal poop kit.I have been expecting the flexible sigmoid Nazis to contact me, since itís been five years, but instead I got the fecal blood test.Am I going to get out of the flexible sigmoid?Mike KB1UM told us about a nightmare colonoscopy he once had.He was in terrible pain, despite the sedation.They had to finish him off with a cat scan, which they charged him for.His procedure was supposed to be covered.I was getting pretty worried we were going to finish out the evening WITHOUT talking about buttholes.This one was a close call.Mike normally prefers to keep this kind of stuff to himself, because he has class.I have none, and make no pretense to having any.The gem of my latest trip to Sierra Vista is free use of (with an option to buy) Johnís cherry BT1500A balanced tuner.Itís never been used.I havenít tried it out yet, because its balanced nature will necessitate the routing of ladder line through the window, and thatís a pain in the ass.And the late Orv K6UEY always said you just canít do it.Itíll make him roll over in his grave if I bring ladder line into the house.And I just hate upsetting the dead.


Wed Sep 16


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




I was tooting my horn and listening to the gang tonight, so I finally decided to jump in to say goodnight, but as so often happens, it got out of hand.Others joined in, and a QSO that was about to end found new life.I axed Music Mike KB1UM some questions about musical notation.I reviewed the upcoming Sierra Vista trip with anybody who was interested.We talked about Cuban music with Moody WQ6I, and how heís going to kiss up to Clint Eastwood at the Monterey Jazz Festival.Duane AG7G broke my heart when he said Artís show on 5085 tonight was really boring.How could it possibly be boring?It was about ghosts.Moody might be killed soon, and he told us he would haunt us if we didnít come to his funeral.I told him I would come to his funeral, but that I still wanted him to haunt me.I want him to haunt me when Iím having a long session of constipation on the crapper.I want his voice to come out of the toilet and scare the shit out of me.


Sun Sep 13


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




The first signal heard on freq tonight was a recording of the chopped up voice of one of the 3636 regulars.I expected weíd be jammed by that recording tonight, but it stopped.It wouldnít have been much of a problem, anyway.Most of the gang blew us off tonight.Fuck them.Moody WQ6I and Mike W6MVM had a perfectly nice QSO all by ourselves.But actually, it didnít stay that way.Just as we were all signing, Mike KB7TG checked in, and so did John K7PRS.So I retract my ďFuck them.ĒIt never happened.Moody attended the ARRL SW division convention and talked to some powerful people.The tsunami is right around the corner.I mean, it was right around the corner a year ago, so it must be REALLY close now.The end is near.The tsunami will wash away the pestilence plaguing WARFA as surely as the Red Sea caved in and washed away Pharosís jammers.We did the WARFA post mortem.The usual recordings were heard during the net, but the many live voices heard recently were MIA.Perhaps getting bored.Is the entertainment value of jamming WARFA unlimited?Maybe not.Moody is going north to the Monterey Jazz Festival in just a few days, then heís coming back down for WARFA for a few days, then he is off to Cooba.Heís going to be drinking Mojitos and dancing the Mambo, the Tango, the Conga, and the Cha Cha Cha for, like, three weeks.Moody is going to be MIA for a fucking month.John and I discussed the upcoming Sierra Vista convergence.We need to cheer up our buddy Steve W7CI, who recently lost his wife, Nancy, and wants to load up my rental van with junk.


Th Sep 10


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




John K7PRS got a new puter.The fix-it men couldnít give him anything more detailed on his previous puterís repair than that it needed a new mutha board.They canít repair it at the component level.We talked about sultry Lindaís sweltering onslaught on the Southwest.She really let loose on us this afternoon.A God damned thunder shower.She really dumped on us.New temp records have been set around here the last three days or so.We were talking about AC and our power bills.My power bill is high, cuz weíre cranking the AC continuously.The long dimension of the house runs north-south.The broad east-side of the house is shaded by trees, but the broad west-side cooks unshaded in the late afternoon, with the indoor temp still climbing as late as 5 pm.We all agree I need awnings for the west side.Capitano Mike W6MVM has a new 7800.He was fucking around with it tonight, and Moody WQ6I was helping him with the menu, or some shit like that.I was listening to some bellyachers elsewhere on the band a few days ago, whining about all the cool shit Moody owns, the enjoyment of which they will never know.Now they will be whining about Mikeís cool 7800.John and I finished off the evening talking about the upcoming trip to Sierra Vista.There was some really lame jamming tonight.Barely audible.Recordings jamming, in contrast to the shitty music this same jammer has been playing lately.



Mon Sep 7


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




It was getting late when I checked in and I just wanted to say hi to the gang.Moody WQ6I blew us off tonight, because he was at a film festival.Heís so artsy fartsy.He probably thinks he is too high booty for 3636 anymore.Capitano Mike W6MVM was fishing all day today around Kennedy Meadows, and he actually caught a fish.Mark K6ORJ was on his way home from work and was pretty tough copy here.John K7PRS and I discussed our upcoming rendezvous at Steve W7CIís house.Iím going to bring a truck, and Steve is going to load me up with shit.Some might say that Iím already full of shit, and certainly donít need any more.Anyway, some of the shit may be valuable, some worthless.Then John, Steve, Kathy, my buddy Dave and I are going out for mex.Steve is quite fond of Becky and I think heíd rather see her than Dave.The big WARFA Retreat was discussed.The entire band is just abuzz with anticipation.Jack N6LN is going to do a presentation at WARFA, on the subject of little computer boards called Raspberry Piís.And I guess on Arduinoís.Iím sure that would be worth the trouble to go see.When he starts talking I should start a competing talk on Orange Piís, a cheaper, single board alternative.Speaking of WARFA, Sunday night I gotta give it to the jammers.All the rabble were there.All the name rabble.The Iron Lady actually conceded.Resigned early.Wowee wow wow.Nowhere on the band will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than on 3908; Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.Though she closed the net early, Kathy did let me in through a crack in the door just before she slammed it.WARFA looks on me with special favor.I always get to check in.Even when the net is closed.Even on nights when there is no net.


Wed Sep 2


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile





I guess the most exciting thing that happened tonight was the spectacularly weak, spectacularly lame jamming.There was some really weak hissy jamming, and some guy babbling in a falsetto voice, who wasnít strong enough to cover anybody up, and who didnít enunciate clearly enough for anybody to understand him.Iíve said it before, and Iíll say it again, you just canít get quality jamming anymore.Canadians were on freq with us tonight: Bob VE7MTI and Tod VE7GBO.And we met Miles KF6QPY in San Bernardino.Heís been listening and admiring for a few months, and finally decided to introduce himself.Mike KB1UM and John K7PRS and I talked a bit about antenna problems.Mike put a 10 K ohm resistor across the feed of his antenna in order to make a continuity test, but then ran full amp power up the transmission line and vaporized the resistor.There was practically nothing left.Just a carbon trace shorting the legs of his antenna.So Mikeís advice to the ham community is this: donít do that.I kept trying to sign off, but new topics came up.Mike and I got off on a music jag.I talked about the music my band is playing this semester.Moody WQ6I reported that Phil WB6GGY is healing up nicely.Iím very glad of that.The bodies are piling up and I donít want to have to start a second line of Ham Radio Heaven.



Sun Aug 30


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile





Bob AF6D threw out a couple of calls, but nobody answered him, including me.I was busy at the moment, and the rig was not tuned up.Never heard any more from Bob.We talked a bit about tonightís WARFA, of course.Stan WG6K joined us tonight.Thatís a rare pleasure.Stan went sailing with his son today.I was practicing scales on my trombone while listening to the dysfunctional QSO, although tonight the dysfunction was difficult to detect.But Iím sure somebody was pissed off.Bob K6AII, John K7PRS, and Stan got into an interesting exchange about buying shit from China, ICís for example, and the problem of ďcounterfeits.ĒI was confused by the term.Counterfeits are chips that apparently actually do something, but not necessarily what you want them to.They arenít just studio props.



Sat Aug 29


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




When I checked in I axed for congrats on my sixtieth birthday.Happy birthday Michael Jackson, Duane AG7G, and me.So, I did get some congrats.I described the bend over dinner I had with my family tonight at Island Prime on San Diegoís Harbor Island.No birthday sex tonight Ė wrong time of the month.Otherwise I wouldnít have been on the air.†† We made a new friend tonight, Frank WI2R.Tough copy.Mike KB1UM wanted an update on my projects, so I gave him the lowdown on the astronomy project, the EME project, and the concert band project.In fact Marxist Mike AA8KB, Mike KB1UM, and Bob K6AII really started grilling me on my photometry project.They were surprisingly interested.Itís something that seems to me would be so dry to listen to.Itís just a bunch of technical shit, without all the wonder of the heavens.Mike KB1UM wanted some advice on the water pipe he is using for a ground.Heís afraid lightning will strike it and break it and his house will be flooded.He was axing us if we thought lightning could break a pipe.I googled the question, and found instances where lightning did break or damage pipes.I donít like the whole idea of grounding to pipes.I pounded an eight foot copper rod into the ground outside my shack window.The lightning can just go there.Stay out of my house.I do need to sink some lightning grounds for the many loop masts I have around the property.


Wed Aug 26


Ben KD7BCW died this morning.Bob K6MIT called me this morning with the sad news.Ben emailed me July 12 informing me that he had liver cancer.Rest in peace, Ben.


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




Our dear friend Ben KD7BCW SK was the subject on and off, tonight.Mike KB1UM is interested in the Icom 706 Ben had for sale.I talked to him about it on the phone.Bike Mike AD6SU struck like lightning tonight.We havenít heard him in a while.He is currently in Williams, AZ, his summer hide out.His shack took a direct hit by lightning, which took out a couple of his radios.He says the 80 m wire was hit.The coax had a hole burned into it about every ten to fifteen feet.The coax was lying on the floor of his shack.It whipped around and hit a grounded terminal strip, and thatís how the current got to his radios, which were shut off.Quite a story.We met a new friend tonight, Bill KG4SMP in TN.Seems like a nice guy, and we invited him back.†† Jack N6LN axed me for an update on my EME station, which I gave, and John K7PRS wanted an update on the saga of my disabled student who by law must somehow be accommodated in my class.The prop pitch motor I was hoping would turn my EME dish has a grounded actuator, and is unsalvageable without the needed rare parts.I doubt Iím going to fuck with it any more.Iím going to continue with Steve W7CIís method of turning the dish with a photocopy machine motor, leaving the prop pitch motor in the power train, but inert.But Steve has that motor jury rigged, and I donít understand it.Iíll have to consult him.Captain Mike W6MVM was on his boat at Shelter Island here in San Diego.He was unusually strong.Heís so close I donít normally here him very well with the loop, which is a low angle antenna.



Sun Aug 23


Ben KD7BCW Liquidation Sale


Ben has an ICOM Pro in very good condition and is axing $1000.Ben also has an ICOM 706 with some ďproblems,Ē but the control head is in perfect shape.$100.Ben would also like to unload 80 feet of Rohn tower at $50 per ten-foot section.He has other shit that goes along with it, such as the tilt base ($150), house brace ($75), hazer, thrust bearings, etc.I hope a few of you cheap cock suckers will help Ben out.Why donít you no good stingy bastards let some moths out of your wallet and give good olí Ben a break.If Ben had a free EME station for the taking Iíd be first in line to help out our dear old friend, Ben KD7BCW.This blurb puts me in the mood to start my own swap net.I want to trade Art Bell memorabilia, photos of Art, books about, and by, Art, and recordings of Art on ham radio and broadcast radio.


The WARFA Report


I finally made the big time and heard my voice on a WARFA jamming recording.Duane AG7G (also on the recording) recently was remarking on the ďadversarialĒ climate on 3636, which remarks I had to relay to stations who could not hear him.Apparently the editor of the recording thought Duane sounded more like he was complaining, bellyaching or whining, and so in addition to Duaneís voice and my voice on the jamming recording, a crying baby can also be heard on the recording.The jammers left 3846 alone tonight, at least while I was there.3908 got more action, but checking in with Mike AA8KB was no problem.Moody WQ6I announced on air that long time WARFArian Don W6KAT is now a silent key.Our sweetheart and tower of strength, Kathy KJ6KMK, was quite overcome when Moody made the announcement.


Friday Aug 21


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




There was some exciting talk about Art Bellís show, but in the end nobody was sure if he has a show or not, or how you can hear it.Iíve been keeping the gang updated on my disabled-student saga.Somebody wanted more of that, so I gave it.John K7PRS wanted the scoop on how butterfly nebulae manage to lie down flat in the galactic plane, but I could throw no light on the subject.Iíll have to read up on it.The subject of plague came up.Not the plague on WARFA, but some other plague.Iím typing this too long after the fact to remember.



Wed Aug 19


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




I was out on the driveway working on my astronomy project tonight, and listening to 3636.I started pooping out and came inside to wind down and go to bed.But I did check in with the gang. We talked about a disabled student problem I am facing.Iíll skip the details here.Lightning struck when Canadian Bacon Himself, Mike VE7MJS, checked in.Wow, talk about a blast from the past.We have six Mikes: Marxist Mike, Captain Mike, Canadian Bacon Mike, Bike Mike, Music Mike, and Montana Mike.



Sun Aug 16


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




Wowee Wow Wow, WARFA just keeps bombiní away, huh?They have averaged about 50 check-ins per net through July and August.They were operating at about 55 check-ins per net just prior to the crash of 2013, when their numbers dropped to a third of what they had been.They are now practically back up to full strength.Well, besides WARFA, the other big news tonight was my arcing sparking problem.Turns out one side of my ladder line had broken free of the loop.So, I fixed it.


Fri Aug 14




The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile


Tonight we all got caught up on the accomplishments of Mike KB1UM.Mike is working hard on the second edition of his how-to-fix-everything book.His first edition sold 60,000 copies!Thatís why his publisher wants more.Shit, nice going Mike.I wish I could write something that 60,000 people would want to read.I guess I could write the definitive Art Bell biography.Mike has also formed a jazz duo with a female singer, and they are playing small gigs around Castle Rock.Mike axed me about the Meade ETX-90 telescope.My scope is a Meade, and I think you get a lot for the money.I think he should buy the scope.Thereís a used one he knows of for only $150.Duane AG7G came on and had something to say about the Broncos/Seahawks, but I canít remember what it was.That got Moody WQ6I and I talking about the multi team, multi stadium wheeling and dealing going on in LA between the Chargers, Rams, and Raiders.I had a serious sparking problem in my rig tonight, as I have recently, and had to keep shutting off the amp.


Wed Aug 12


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




Holy shit, I havenít written a thing on this page for TWO MONTHS.Tonightís QSO was like the Little People of old.Sizeable crowd, some token jamming, and no bickering.I congratulated Captain Mike W6MVM on his engagement.As in marriage.Mike has been doing some major electrical work on his boat.We made a new friend, Bill W6SQ in WA.And we barely heard mobile Larry AE7HZ in OR.I was having some arcing problems tonight.Tim KK7HO runs an AL-1500 as do I, and he told us about an arcing problem of his own, and his solution.It involved removing some spark-gap tabs in the amp.I brought Mike KB1UM up to speed on my latest adventures overseas, and on rebuilding Steve W7CIís EME station.Mike thinks I am out of my mind for taking on this 30-foot dish project.In fact I hurt my shoulder battling with the thing in early May, and the shoulder still hurts.Itís been x-rayed, but nothing is obviously wrong.My amateur medical diagnoses is Post Traumatic Arthritis.No MD has ventured a diagnoses, but I have been offered a steroid shot.What I want is NARCOTICS, pain or not.I wish I could get Kaiser to give me an expensive MRI.Iíd sure like to know if there is cartilage floating around in that joint.I took the dishís azimuth motor in for rehab today.Itís a 1949 prop-pitch motor, and it needs new brushes.The jamming duty was apparently handed off to a really lame jammer, because by the end of the evening, it was laughably weak.



Mon June 2


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




I heard John K7PRS and Bob K6AII lamenting that neither had a schematic for the AL-1500.Bob OWNS a freakiní AL-1500.What kind of engineer loses his manual?It just so happens that I have an AL-1500, and I KEPT my manual.So I am going to make copies and provide these guys with the AL-1500 schematic.Bob AF6D was most unkind to Duane AG7G tonight, at least when he first heard Duane on freq.He called him a fag and some other shit.He told him to go back to 3840.Wowee wow wow, it was really, like, well, just awful.Like what Gandalf said to the Balrog: ďGo back to the Shadow!ĒAt any rate, they were getting along just fine by the end of the evening.A few people suddenly went QRT, so something must have happened to trigger that, but I donít know what.Bob AF6D was mimicking the voice of Bob K6AII, and fooling Duane into thinking he was talking to the genuine Bob K6AII.Conditions were poor, and it was hard for Duane to tell who he was hearing.Before you call the FCC, let me add that Bob AF6D never identified as K6AII.I might have informed Duane that he was being had, but I also thought that Duane might be on to the joke and might be just playing along.I remember years ago, some notorious 80-meter idiot, ďTimmy,Ē now dead, was trying to make a fool of me.I was just playing along, waiting for my opportunity to make a fool of HIM.Well, some even bigger idiot on freq was spoiling my fun by trying to warn me of who Timmy was and what he was trying to do.Everybody wanted to talk about the Dish again, so we thoroughly covered that topic, AGAIN.Our old buddy Kevin AD6SL was on freq, and he is very interested in dish shit, so he deserved to be clued in on the adventure.BZ and I are making the penultimate trip to Sierra Vista this weekend to make final preparations for Dish transport.We had a rattlesnake in the yard yesterday.It had a lot of red in its markings, so I believe it to be a Red Diamond Rattlesnake.Youíll all be pleased to know that I didnít grab at it this time.It was about the same size as the little muther fucker that bit me years ago.The cats were looking at it through the window, and man did they want to get out there and kick its ass.The snake story led to general questions about our animals, including our chickens.Bob wanted to know if Iíve ever seen them fucking.Thatís not how Bob put it, but Bob is more refined than I am.Basically he was asking what the hell chickens look like when theyíre fucking.Iíve never seen it, but I bet it looks ridiculous.Grady, the rooster, is in there doing his sisters, Fluffy and Wait-for-me.The conversation continued to deteriorate as it usually does, until everybody was looking up youtubes of interspecies preversions.The only time weíre not fighting is when we are joking about bodily functions, genitalia, jerking off, sexual preversions among animals, etc.That shit is the lowest common denominator, and there everybody is happy together.


Friday May 29


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




We managed to avoid a meltdown tonight.There was a good deal of discussion on the June QST article about transmission lines and baluns.We discussed my RF problem on 20 meters.It gets into my IHY boxes.I donít have the problem if I bypass the IHY boxes.John K7PRS recommends copper foil from my ground bus to the ground rod outside.I just happen to have some.We met some new people.K9ZLU up around San Bernardino running vintage rigs, for one.KK6JED we could barely hear.Paul AE6OF we could hear, but we couldnít understand his distorted audio.Jack N6LN updated us on his wireless temp control project, for his swimming pool.He uses an Arduino and a raspberry pie.Jack and Mike AA8KB were busting my balls for not measuring the input impedance of my loop.For what frequency?I operate the loop over all of 80, 40, and 20.The impedance is going to be favorable at some frequencies and unfavorable at others.I worked 3DA0TM in Swaziland tonight, on 20.The Loop rocks.


Thursday May 28


The Dysfunctional Collective3636

Harmony is futile




Some people gave each other some straight talk tonight.Everybody bailed after the feel good talk was over, so I spent some time talking to Mr. Bad Guy AG7G.We talked about radioactive nuclei, asteroids, Disney World, Florida, asshole Canadians, strawberry rhubarb pie, and some other shit.And we talked about BZís and my 18th anniversary of not being married.Thatís Friday May 29.That was the date of our first date.Salad is a taboo subject on 36 from now on.Keep your roughage talk to yourself.Do not mention salad, fiber, hard turds, soft turds, or any related shit like that.


Art Bell Celebrity Loop: Final Report


All 1200 feet of wire are now in the air and on the air and operational.The comparison vee has been relocated to the center of the loop, taking advantage of an available mast which is no longer needed for the Loop.There had been some concern previously that the vee, which used to be only two feet from the Loop, was coupling with the Loop, making the vee a poor standard for comparison.The vee is now at least 100 feet from any Loop wire. 80 meters: inside 500 miles, the Loop is sometimes better than the vee, other times the vee is better.Itís close.Outside 500 miles, say out to Marxist Mike AA8KB, the Loop is consistently an S-unit better than the vee.40 and 20 meters: the Loop beats the vee by at least two S-units for all distances.


Dish Update


BZ and I will be spending June 5/6 with Steve W7CI in Sierra Vista, AZ, making final preparations for transporting the pieces of the dish and the 2300 pound mount.I mainly need to talk to Steve about some of the workings of the motors and other hardware in the mount.Then at some point this summer my next door neighbor is going to drive me out there with his truck and mega flatbed trailer and we are somehow going to smuggle that thing home.Maybe we can take his fork lift with us.If not, I will have to hire the crane again.



I havenít been writing on this page lately because I canít FTP pix anymore.I donít know what the problem is, but itís kind of sapped my enthusiasm.



Saturday afternoon I dropped off BZ and her mom at the cruise ship terminal here in San Diego.They are taking a local cruise up the coast to Avalon, SF, Victoria BC, and Vancouver.They are flying home from Vancouver on Memorial Day.I had shit out a few little balls of fire that morning, from a recent overload of chili sauce recently, but the volcanic activity seemed to have calmed down by the time BZ and I picked up her mom.After I dumped them at the dock, I headed north for WARFA, and the volcanism started again.It was very insistent, so I go off the freeway almost before I got started, and pulled into a 76 station.Well, the menís room was locked, and the clerk informed me that some guy had left the key locked in the restroom.Shit.Or DONíT SHIT!So I walked across the driveway to a MacDonaldís.A guy got out of his car and headed in ahead of me, and sure enough, he went straight into the restroom, which I discovered had only one stall, and started shitting his brains out, which is what I wanted to do.Mother Fucker.Well, across the highway was an ungodly public-park-shitter, so I decided Iíd just have to face that.Once in the car, the seismic activity relented, so I drove over to my momís house instead, and shit my own brains out at her house.There was smoke coming out of my ass when I was done, so I took advantage of the shower right next to the cracked and smoking toilet.That done, I headed once again for WARFA.I stopped in Pasadena for a nostalgia tour, and dinner at my favorite North Woods on Rosemead.I got to WARA around eight, but nothing was going on at the usual camping area.The WARFA station and goings on were going on in the rec hall.I snuck in quietly and sat down.Moody was addressing the crowd, who were rapt, awed, slack-jawed.After a few minutes, Moody noticed me slumping in the back, and acknowledged me.I caught some of the music.A young lady, very good on guitar, played and sang to us her own compositions.Then a gifted young man played the HELL out of the upright piano.He canít read music, I found out from him later, but his ear is enough.Both of those marvelous young musicians are somehow blood relatives of Moody WQ6I.I axed Moody about this, but I didnít really understand.I donít doubt they are Moody relations.Moodyís family is very talented.But I just couldnít fucking understand what the hell Moody was talking about.They are either nieces and nephews, or cousins, or grandchildren, or something.John K7PRS showed me a great article in the current QST, on the problem of figuring out how much of your amplifier output power actually gets to the antenna.The analysis was aided by modeling software.The results discussed were very sobering.So I studied that article for a long time, in the mostly empty rec hall, while the two musicians who performed earlier just jammed with each other for fun.Incredibly good improvisation.One starts playing something, and the other complements it.Real time.After the jam session, John and I discussed the QST article.There were other hams at WARFA I hadnít seen in a while, including Dave WA6UHA.And I had my first eyeball that night with Phil WB6GGY.I didnít even know who he was until John introduced us.One of the hams there that night pooped his pants on the way to WARFA two years ago.I had forgotten that episode.He didnít have any clean clothes with him.He had had some kind of intestinal ailment, and it overcame him.Itís odd that he should recount that story on the very same day that I had had a series of episodes of shitting out of brains, and a very close call on the freeway, myself.I love writing shit about shittting, and talking shit about shittting.And the little aforementioned coincidence provides even more excuse to do so.


Monday May 18


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




We did another review of WARFA.I interrogated Moody WQ6I on how the young musicians at WARFA were related to him.I donít really get it.Mike AA8KB said I had 10 dB on Moody.WARFA Tom remarked Sunday night on how loud I was.Moody made the same remark the same night.Coincidentally, I have finished enlarging the Loop.It is now 1200 feet around, vs 800 feet previously.Mike AA8KB posed a question for the group: can a magnetic field be used to pull the cap off a bottle without modifying the cap.We decided that it can be done.Why the hell not?


Sunday May 17


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




All I can remember is some talk about Thorium reactors.It would take ten hours to read all the websites debunking Thorium reactors.Some guy calling himself K6SP checked in, but apparently he was borrowing somebody elseís call.When he was challenged, he sounded suspicious.Dirty.


Sunday May 3


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




Iím reporting on this, like, two weeks after the fact, and I just donít give a shit any more.We talked about the Dish project, of course, and Steve, Dish benefactor.I met Steveís Tucson bud, John W7 Big Bowl Movement.John showed me pix of his incredible EME installation.I wonder if John poops all the time.In the WARFA report, above, I discuss poop.John is reputed to be illiterate, but it could just be a rumor.He apparently never lets anybody catch him reading, if he indeed does any.Duane AG7G expounded on ham fests, and how stinky they are.The hams stink.John K7PRS took exception to that.His experience has been different.Hams that poop their pants stink.


Th April 20


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile


KN6Z, WQ6I, K7PRS, AA8KB, K7ORJ, AG7G, AE6OF (squawk, squawk, growl, growl)


Itís time for another assault on the DISH, so I brought the gang up to date on that.We talked some astronomy.Solar system astronomy, and telescopes.Marxist Mike is very excited about Saturnís appearance in Scorpius.Heís trying to take a pic.My students took pix of the Moon through telescopes at school tonight.And we talked rigs and audio and sushi.And we talked about the hot girls at my school who are too hot this time of year and are stripping down.Duane AG7G wanted to know just how short the skirts get.I told him I need a micrometer to measure the hemline to butt cheek distance.And we marveled at WARFAís skyrocketing check-ins total.Not only is there new blood, but people from long ago are coming back.And there was ever so much more.And our dear friend Paul AE6OF checked in late, thanks to Moody WQ6Iís good ear.Paul, you sound like two horny tomcats fighting in the middle of the night.If you are going to be a ham radio star, you gotta do something about that, dude.You gotta git you some Art Bell audio.


Sun April 26


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




I didnít stay in long tonight.Have to get up early Monday.Moody WQ6I axed me about the Dish schedule during WARFA, so I reiterated that for the Collective tonight.Moody and John K7PRS want me to bring my base trombone to the WARFA retreat in May to add that fat brass sound to the band.Base trombone is a VERY fat sounding horn.WARFA had 51 check-ins tonight.WARFA has scored over 50, pretty consistently lately.John reports that there are a lot of new call signs.Moody and I talked grits.I had some fabulous grits at a Creole restaurant in Downtown Disney Saturday night.The group has four Mikes now: Marxist Mike, Montana Mike, Music Mike and Captain Mike.Paul AE6OF came limping in, buzzing and squealing tonight.We barely copied him, but you made it, Paul.


Tue April 21


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




Dish talk.Nobodyís tired of it yet.We met a few new people tonight who were lucky enough to stumble onto us.WARFA went well tonight.53 check ins.We strained to hear/understand Paul AE6OF, but nobody could copy a word.So I canít make you the star tonight, Paul.I improvised a song about Art Bell and played it over the air, but ďI love you, Art BellĒ were the only lyrics I could come up with.Toward the end there was some environmental bellyaching associated with oil and recycled-plastic decking.And some shit about desalination and the Gibbs Free Energy.The Gibbs free energy is the energy available to do work.Some energy released in a chemical reaction is wasted in just increasing entropy.


Sun April 19


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




Dish talk.Yeah, sorry about that.John K7PRS recommended I get a machine called a cut off tool. OUCH.Iím not sure I want one of those.But apparently cutting mine off will expedite the DISHmantling.And we talked about Cary KD7KAUís weird Savannah cats.They are a monstrous hybrid of some kind.



Wed April 15


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




Cary KD7KAU just retired, so he says heíll be on freq with us frequently.Otherwise it was just more dish talk.I was pooped tonight having performed a concert with the college wind ensemble earlier in the evening.Duane AG7G has been away, I guess, and wanted to get caught up on the DISH.I told him I thought it would take one more trip to finish dismantling, and an additional trip to get some very necessary coaching from the Giver of the Dish on how to make those motors and mount move.The motors are in moderately poor shape, as in FUCKED UP.And I want to talk to the Giver about the feed.When all thatís done, I will schedule the crane once more, and drive out there with my neighbor who has a big truck and a 35,000 lb capacity flatbed trailer.So I guess three more trips.The Art Bell Celebrity Loop has been shoved off the front page by this madcap dish adventure.The last of the supporting masts for the Loop is UP.Now I just have to add the 400 feet of additional wire and the Loop will be done.1200 feet.


Mon April 13


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile


KN6Z and the usual gang.


Iíve been most remiss in logging the Bored QSOs.I canít remember who was in on this night.All we talk about lately when I check in is the DISH.



Mon April 6


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




Paul AE6OF wants some God-damned recognition.He sees his call listed in this blog, but nothing is ever said about his contribution to the QSO.Well, Paul, dude, it ainít personal.Most of the time nobody can understand you.Your audio is unintelligible.Now, on this night, I could understand most of what you said.So Iíll pay you some lip service.Paul axed me about building or somehow obtaining an ďobservatory,Ē but I didnít know if he was talking about an optical telescope, or a radio telescope such as the dish I am acquiring; or a building with a dome, either for the optical scope or the radio dish.I really didnít understand him, but not because I couldnít make out what he was saying.Paul also wanted to know the status of the dish project, so I gave him the lowdown.So, Paul, there you are.You are the star and sole subject of tonightís entry.



Sun April 5


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




As usual, when I checked in, everybody wanted the latest on the dish project.Iíll be returning to Sierra Vista in two or three weeks to finish DISHmantling.And a couple weeks later Iíll truck it all home somehow.My neighbor has offered to drive me in his truck to SV, pulling his 35,000 lb flatbed trailer.Iíll rent the crane again, load up the shit, and haul ass home.My neighbor wants to dig me a deep hole with one of his big machines, and help me fill it with concrete and rebar.Heís got mixers and rebar all ready.And a huge auger and back hoe.There was quite a bit of talk tonight about windoms and baluns and hole-digging theory.The final mast required to enlarge the Art Bell Celebrity Loop is rigged and ready to raise.Once itís up, Iíll string the remaining 400 feet of wire and the loop will be done at last.It will be 1200 feet, as big as I can make it.I can then focus my attention on the EME superstation project.I want to be the Art Bell of San Diego EME.



Wed Mar 25


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




It appears the dish mission is scrubbed.I canít get the crane scheduled.I keep pestering the company, but the crane op just wonít return my calls.Itís likely he knows Iím a ham, and just wonít deal with dorks and weirdos.Tonight the gang talked about the lightning site I give below.And we speculated on the air disaster currently in the news.


Tue Mar 24


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




I didnít want to dominate the QSO again with dish dishcussion, but people wanted to talk dish.So I dished it out.As new people checked in, I had to redo the dishcussion.We dishcussed what paperwork Iím going to have to file in order to get permission to relocate the birdís nest thatís crammed into a little nook in the tower.We talked some about the recent air-disaster in the news.The really big news is that WARFA Billy N6YW has moved from Venice to Tucson.He left his woman of seventeen years, and is now with his high school sweetheart of thirty-five years ago.Then people started talking about what sorts of astronomical objects I can observe with the dish, such as quasars.And that led to accretion disk physics.Then the next thing I knew, we were on to politics and presidential candidates.Marxist Mike got some grilling on the subject.I talked Marx and Hegel and the spread of socialism worldwide, with Mike.Mike turned us onto this cool lightning site: if you are a religious professional who has decided itís all just bullshit and now you are in crisis and donít want to have to flip burgers for a living and need a support group, check this out: after a brief sojourn into atheism, we got back into Marxist theory, and various other systems and philosophy.


Mon Mar 23


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




Another brief hullo.I got in pretty late and people were checking out.


Sun Mar 22


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




Just a brief hullo.I was just in after an ass-kicking drive from Eloy, AZ, and I was pooped.


Th Mar 19


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




I hijacked the QSO tonight and forced everybody to talk about my attempt this week to DISHmantle W7CIís 700 lb 30-foot dish, mounted 16 feet high.Iím insane.


Tue Mar 17


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




Tonight was all about my DISHmantling mission coming next week, Spring break.


Mon Mar 16


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




The opening gambit was fusion, but I canít remember why.Then right on cue, Duane AG7G started talking thorium.Then Music Mike KB1UM had to answer some questions about pot-growing laws in Colorado.We also helped Mike with some antenna tests.Gutter vs sloper.What great names for a pair of fighters, eh?Gutter and Sloper.WARFA was reviewed.Sundayís count was 55.Wowee wow wow.And then we spent a lot of time talking about dead Nimoy, Spock, and Star Trek.


Mon Mar 9


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




When I tuned in Duane AG7G was leading a riveting QSO on repeaters.Attention quickly shifted to my 30-foot dish salvage project.Then there was a bunch of shit I canít remember.Umm, then John K7JRL brought up the breast milk ice cream story of three years ago.And we couldnít contain our excitement about Art Bellís new podcast show, coming in July.


Sun Mar 8


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




We talked about big dishes tonight.Iím considering acquiring a 30-foot dish for 432 Mhz EME.John K7PRS turned me on to a source.I may have to round up some illegals to help me with this thing for cheap.Marxist Mike AA8KB debated with John K7PRS over whether the Arecibo Puerto Rico 1000-foot dish was ever used to detect Moon-reflected leakage of Soviet VHF/UHF transmissions.John thinks itís the stuff of the Art Bell show.


Wed Mar 4


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




Moody WQ6I got some exciting poop about Art Bell off of Face Book.Artís making some moves on possible bumper music for a possible new show.Bumper music is expensive to play.We did a review of the 3840 zoo, and their antagonists, such as the Sherriff.Duane AG7G found an OBB chat site:ís about all I can remember.


Mon Mar 2


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




Tonight we talked about REGULATION, mostly.Iíd say it went nowhere but around and around.It was talk of government regulation of the internet that got Marxist Mike AA8KB out of bed.Mike KB1UM checked in, barefoot, and went BACK to bed.Jerry AB8NF, near Akron, introduced himself and then blew us off.We did have some fun talking about the free-for-all on 3908 Sunday, after WARFA.


Sat Feb 28


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile




Wowee wow wow, can you believe Fire Marshal Mark K6MJD dropped in?Heís been collecting vintage radios.We implored him to join us again soon.Be a regular, just like in the good olí days of Art Bell.Dave W6PHO/AE is a retired history-prof from San Jose State, and he just today scored his Extra.Make room on 3636 for one more advanced degree.Dave creates reality.He likes making things up.Thatís his job.Heís an HISTORIAN.I tried to get a great Yuma story out of John K7PRS and/or Moody WQ6I, but what I got wasnít worth typing.Johnís XYL Kathy gave a presentation at the Yuma Hamvention.She demonstrated on a captured WARFA jammer, how to tear a jammer a new asshole.And then she demonstrated it again.And again.John picked up a Motorola signal generator for $2.00.Big spender.John, Moody, and Bob K6AII pigged out at some Yuma all-you-can-eat hog palace called the Golden Corral.Or maybe it was the Golden Shower.Moody seemed unsure of the name.Moody was just gushing tonight over the best QSO heís ever heard, on 3740: Stan WG6K vs Duane AG7G on all of history from the Big Bang through the present, and theory vs reality.Bob AF6D gave a Rachel report, sheís doing great.CHOC classifies her a ďsurvivor.ĒBob, however, is going under the knife to fix his fucked-up back.Heís getting a laminectomy, and heís not looking forward to the long painful recovery.Kathy got one, and the outcome was apparently marvelous.Sheís a new woman.She eats jammers raw.



Tue Feb 17




The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile


I dropped in for a little while.I wanted to weigh in on the hammer problem from last night.Bob AF6D was talking Step IR and double bazooka antennas.And we got on the topic of a Myth Busters rip off show thatís airing presently.I wasnít paying a lot of attention tonight, because I was practicing some Percy Grainger on my horn.



Sunday Feb 15




The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile


Iím typing this a day late, and canít remember what went down Sunday.We tallied the WARFA score: 82 check-ins Sunday night, unofficially.Jeezus, what a rout.We had a San Diego County local join us, Jim W1WY in Pine Valley.I told Jim I was taking my students to Pine Valley this Friday for our field trip.I haul my huge scope up there.So I invited Jim.I canít remember anything else about Sunday.As I type this the Monday night gang is discussing how to calculate how much force a typical hammer blow exerts.The problem has been done.Just look it up on the internet.The only hard part of the calculation is guessing how much time the hammer spends decelerating to zero velocity once in contact with a nail, anvil, or scull.



Sunday Feb 8


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile.




We continued the accursed 450 ohm vs open line debate.Itís really running out of steam.John K7PRS thinks that open wire has advantages over 450 ohm, but loss is not one.Not a significant one, anyway.And thatís ALL Iíve been saying.Marxist Mike AA8KB is continuing his measurements of 450 ohm line loss.I would sure like to see some data on open wire loss under adverse conditions, but Mike doesnít happen to have a bunch of open wire lying around.This shit turned into a really good QSO.Some really smart knowledgeable people on freq examined Mikeís method and results very carefully.It really turned into an informative can of worms, at least for me.Somehow I get the feeling that Karl Marx was against 450 ohm line.Perhaps because it was expensive, requiring sophisticated materials and manufacturing, and made by the proletariat who could not afford it, and enjoyed by the bourgeoisie who enslave the proletariat.And speaking of Marx, has anyone ever seen Karl Marx in the same room with Jerry Garcia?NO!!!Think about it.



Tuesday Feb 3


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile.




Havenít been doing the WARFA post mortem, lately.Getting boring.Last Thursday I tried to make it more sporting by spotting the jammers ten dB, checking in barefoot, but I got in on the first or second call.So Sunday I tried spotting the jammers 20 dB, checking in QRP, but I still got in after a few tries.I guess Thursday Iíll check in on my dummy load.We had some fun talking to Hawaii stations during the post-WARFA net.We talked to the guy who accepts the blame for bringing Greg K7ZAR to the Big Island.Greg is apparently living in Vegas and is bound for Utah.He can smoke some shit with the Mormons.Then we talked pot and drugs.Big group on Bored Collective tonight.All the usual suspects, and more.Marxist Mike cussed and discussed his antennas with Duane AG7G.Duane, typically generous, offered to trade rigs with Moody WQ6I, if Moodyís 7800 is too complicated for Moody to operate.Carter KD6GN is one of the new kids.Heís been listening for a while, and recognizes the quality of the Collective.He really admires us, and Iím not even sure if he knows we know Art Bell.I mean, we are Art Bell insiders.Jack N6LN checked in near the end of the evening.Heís got himself a new Alpha.He WAS running 600 watts or so previously, but NOW heís running full power, and he melted his antenna.Mr. Diplomacy, Mr. Warmth, Mr. Duane, remarked that we (the Collective) donít fire enough of his neurons, which is why he has to have his computer on during our fascinating round table.Then he had the nerve to ax Marxist Mike to send pix of his antenna.Can you believe that muther fucker?I hope Mikeís pix are enough to stimulate Duaneís mighty brain.Duaneís neighbors complain about RFI if Duane just THINKS too hard.



450 Ohm Window Line, Continued (Oh no, not that!)


Does anybody still give a shit?Did anybody EVER give a shit?Should we go another round?Mike AA8KB says itís a very important issue.OK, letís put on the gloves.


The graph Mike offers in his link below shows that high SWR is no reason to prefer open line to 450 ohm window.At 10:1 SWR, 450 ohm is only slightly more lossy than open wire at 10:1.From the ARRL Antenna Book, the loss per 100 feet is 0.1 dB for open wire line and 0.16 dB for 450 ohm.Youíll have to do some extrapolating to use Mikeís graph, because it doesnít go below 0.2 dB matched loss, but it looks to me like the additional loss at 10:1 for 0.1 dB matched loss is about 0.50 dB and the additional loss at 10:1 for 0.16 matched loss is about 0.55 dB.(If you donít trust extrapolating, just use the formula that generated the graph.It is easily found by doing some googling.)Only 0.05 dB more loss for 450 ohm compared to open wire.So there is only a small additional loss penalty at 10:1 SWR for either 450 ohm or open wire, and almost no advantage at all for open wire over window line.My loop is 3:1 on all bands except 160.160 is 5:1 or 6:1.So I totally ainít worrying.


But what if you live under water?Like Duane AG7G?The issue then is how does wet 450 ohm do compared to wet open wire?And I mean wet as in pouring rain.Foggy wet 450 ohm, or post-rain wet 450 ohm, is not wet enough to matter.I have found data for 450 ohm in heavy rain (discussed below), but no such data for open wire.


Here is a good link: guy has made some careful measurements of loss for 300 ohm twin lead and 450 ohm window line, under various conditions, in order to settle a few arguments and resolve some discordant published results.His measured loss for ďwet (such as it is)Ē window line at 9:1 SWR is less than my own semi empirical/semi theoretical and fully half-assed guesstimate I made in my semenal 450 ohm treatise, below, for a MATCHED line.Heís had the same problem I have had with 450 ohm: he canít get it wet.He can get it wet if he puts soap on it, or jerks off on it, and loss does go up significantly for good wetting, so be careful about operating when itís raining soapy water.To get 450 ohm to look lossy, without soap, you have to put it out in the pouring rain.At 9:1 SWR, in pouring rain, 450 ohm line exhibits around 2 dB loss per 100 feet at 27 Mhz.Thatís significant.But how much operating do you do in pouring rain?And how bad is this loss compared to open wire in pouring rain?We need data for open wire in pouring rain.


Now, if your particular application requires open wire line for whatever reason, then I guess youíll use it.But if the issue is loss, then in dry San Diego conditions, Iíll stick with 450 ohm.Me and Art Bell.



Mike AA8KB doesnít agree with me.Can you believe the gall?Below I present his rebuttal to my defense of 450 ohm window line.


You know, I was into this argument pretty heavily with a guy upstate who used to fix radios.

I threatened to do this test myself, based on a laboratory that simulates amateur radio transmission line implementation as closely as possible. This guy and I ended up getting into a pretty serious fight about Ku-band LNBs instead, so I never followed-through with my threat.

To name only ONE thing wrong with your "conclusion" -- and YOU should know -- that your assumption of 5.4% mass-change might differ from real conditions in so many ways due to differences in surface-tension of droplets forming in supersaturated air vs. whatever the fuck you did.

Do you know that transmission-line loss changes dramatically as the SWR on that line changes? That alone would rule it out for most people that have well above a 2:1 right out of the gate.  We already know this is the case for you.

So I've already pretty-well worked through a methodology to do this. In short, I'll put some up out there, and run it a ways, suspending it in the air using mason (nylon) twine.

I have coax going out there already that I can hook to my scope.  To interface the scope, I'll have a 1:1 isolation transformer, a 520-ohm resistor will be the load, and I'll measure the RF voltage across the resistor.

I'll be able to use my Tektronix TDS 380 (commercial-class) to measure RF voltage going in and coming out to within a mV or two so we can get your misinformation off the Internets ASAP.

Thanks for the needed bit of inspiration!

By the way, I saw a link on the Internets that was eham - I think - where there was quite the shit fight over this there too.




450 Ohm Window Line, in Conclusion:


In the Sunday Jan 11 entry, below, I reproduce a report of a measurement made comparing open wire transmission line loss vs. window line loss.The result was about 0.1 dB greater loss for window line, at 30 Mhz.Why then bother with the bother of open wire line?, I impertinently axed.Mike AA8KB made the argument that the loss will be greater if the window line gets wet from rain or dew, and that old window line wets better than new.Moreover, ďFuck Ladder Line!ĒI would point out that while itís raining, there is a concentration of falling water in the air around the conductors in the open wire line, that cannot be ignored.But letís say itís stopped raining.I found some ten-year-old window line lying in the filth beside my momís house, exposed to the elements, for ten years.That window line no doubt carried the voice of Art Bell, back in the glory days, when Art was the center of all things and everyone (almost) knew their place.I cut off a piece of the window lineís plastic insulation and submerged it in water and let it drip for a minute.It didnít hold on to much water.Dry, the piece of insulation weighed 12.89 g; wet, it weighed 13.59 g.Thatís an increase in weight of 5.4%.The density of water is about the same as most plastics, so we can say that the volume of water sticking to the insulation is about 5.4% of the volume of the piece of insulation.The dielectric constant of water is about 25 times that of most plastics, and dielectric loss is directly proportional to dielectric constant, so we can say further that water on the window line insulation will be 25 times as lossy as the insulation, PER UNIT VOLUME.But the volume of the adhering water is only 5.4% of the volume of the insulation, so the waterís contribution to the total dielectric loss is apparently 0.054 x 25 = 1.35.In other words, the dielectric loss due to the water adhering to the window line is 1.35 times the loss due to the window line insulation.It follows that wet window line is going to have 2.35 times more loss than dry window line.The loss per 100 ft of 450 ohm window line is 0.16 dB.By delta dB = 10 log [(Power 1)/(Power 2)], 0.16 dB loss gives a power ratio 0.96.That is, after the 0.16 dB loss, you have 96% of your power left.So if we lose 2.35 times more power for wet window line as for dry, we will be down to 100% - 2.35(4%) = 90.6 % = 0.906.10 log (0.906) = 0.43 dB loss for the wet window line.Big deal.If itís cold enough that layer upon layer of water can freeze on the window line (as in the pic above), building up a volume of water on the window line comparable to the volume of window line insulation, then youíll get serious dielectric loss.But unless you are getting ice on your transmission line, I am unpersuaded that there is much advantage in using open wire line, even if you live in a rain forest.


If you are skeptical of any of my unsupported assertions, well then:


1.     FUCK YOU!!!

2.     If number 1 is unsatisfactory, then I will send you the relevant links.

3.     If you cannot see how I reached my conclusions based on the links, then I can help with the reasoning or derivations.

4.     If you STILL cannot understand my results, please see number 1.Thank you.


Wednesday Jan 28


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile.




I didnít precipitate much tonight.I was writing up my 450 ohm defense while I was listening to the gang.They were seriously into some deep repair talk.May I introduce Randy KK7TV in Cave Creek, AZ, and Dick N6RC in Tucson.


Monday Jan 25


The Bored Collective3636

Impedance is futile.




Mike KB1UM suggested the above modification to our slogan.I think it is brilliant.We talked a bit tonight about the Snowmass repeater.Bob K6AII wanted to know if Mike KB1UM could hit it.We had a helluva time, however, understanding Bobís pronunciation of ďSnowmass.ĒPhil WB6GGY was using a stock hand mic and sounding terrible.Everybody took turns telling Phil how bad he sounded.And then everybody took a second turn.Talk went on and on about Philís crappy audio and crappy mic.Captain Mike W6MVM is having some kind of problem with his 6300, and we went on and on about it.I heard groaning and sighing on freq, and I knew before he checked in that it was none other than resident malcontent Duane AG7G.Duane got fed up with the hardware talk pretty quickly, and declared himself QSY.Shortly thereafter, ironically, Music Mike and Comrade Mike got onto dueling soapboxes and slugged it out over the Muslims.Muslim shit is right up Duaneís alley.The whole freq revolted, however, and shut down the ranting about Muslims.The gang wanted some ďfun,Ē so they went back to the 6300 problem.Tonightís QSO was strictly tech talk.Flex theory, ALC theory, mic testing, everything.Bob wants us to all collaborate on an article about ALC, that will straighten out the entire ham radio world.THEN, John K7PRS changed mics and started EQing and we went on and on audio testing with him.It was heaven.He was testing a PR-40 mic, the kind Art Bell and I use.I then changed the subject to small loops, much smaller than a wavelength.I axed the gang about the theory of how these small loops null out signals so well, and what the benefit is of using inductive coupling.The answer to the latter was not nearly as straightforward as I expected.All articles Iíve read describe small loops that are inductively coupled to the rig, but with no discussion of why.



Tuesday Jan 20


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




3840 luminaries, Steve ďWho appointed YOU net control?Ē K6TXH and Don KY6W, joined us tonight.Steve is a big fan of South Pacific, as am I, and I reported to him that I received in the mail today the original reel to reel tapes of the 1973 Pasadena High School performance, in the orchestra for which I performed on my trombone.Those tapes have been in a vault for decades, and I happened upon them on EBay.I also got the 1974 performance of The King and I, in which I also blew my horn.Only a few yearsí worth of these tapes are available, right around the time I was a student.Itís just unbelievable luck that Iíve been researching old PHS stuff just at the time the caretaker of the tapes decided to put them up for sale on Ebay.Dirt cheap, too.Comrade Mike and I talked 450 ohm window line again.My mix of old and new window line stays dry even when everything else is soaked with dew.Mike says old window line is bound to get wet, but I canít get it wet even when I pour water on it.In my next installment I will report my calculation of the additional power loss per unit length of window line, due to a few drops of water on the line (and a few drops is all that will ever stick to my line in the worst case scenario).We did the WARFA post mortem: Comrade Mike concludes that the jammers are ďcontained.ĒSort of like the contents of a cat box.There was some token jamming tonight on the super-secret publically announced auxiliary frequency.Whatís the point?Is it to let WARFA know that the jammers are smart enough to find the secret freq?


Sunday Jan 18


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




We talked long and hard about jazz and super-secret, anti-jammer mini loops.I canít remember what the hell else we talked about.I waited too long to write this entry.


Thursday Jan 15


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




We mostly just talked about my dwarf novae astronomy project.People just kept axing me questions about it, so I kept talking.The WARFA post mortem tonight was mostly just a lot of yawning.Sunday, 41 check-ins; Tuesday, 56 check-ins; this night an estimated 62 check-ins.BTW, where did the jammers go tonight?They started off with a bang, and then just disappeared like roaches under a bright light.Did they run off to confession?Duane AG7G thinks the jammers are getting tired and bored.



Sunday Jan 11


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




When I got in I guess it was time to talk Star Trek.How did we get on that?I think Comrade Mike was trying to think of somebodyís name, and it sounded like ďGary Seven,Ē a guest character on the original ST.I mentioned Gary Seven, and we warped out on an exhaustive trek into Trek.ST was enough to pull Duane AG7G out of the woodwork.He likes it better than Star Wars.Of course we did the customary WARFA post mortem.The covered wagons had the Indians surrounded tonight, Iíd say.41 check-ins, up from the average of 25 that has been holding for, like, a year.But 41 is nothing unusual lately.Then John K7PRS and Mike started twisting my arm to build some open wire line to feed my loop, rather than the 450 ohm window line commonly used.Whatís the advantage?Hereís a post from an open-wire-vs.-window-line thread on


I made the measurements about ten years ago when I worked at Ten-Tec.

The comparison was made between 6" open wire line with ceramic spacers

every 10', Zo about 650 ohms, and450 ohm ladder line. Frequency was

65Mhz, the upper limit of the HP-601.I used a Boonton rf voltmeter

as the detector. Johnson matchboxes were used at each end to make the

bal-un transition and transform back to 50 ohms.Identical parallel

250' runs of each were measured.The difference was 0.5dB favoring

the open wire, which translates to 0.092dB/100' difference at 30 MHz.


Poly does two things: it provides a support/insulation role and makes

the spreaders easily, and as a dielectric, it slightly reduces the

spacing necessary to get to 450 ohms.The higher the impedance, the

lower the loss.Windowing the line lowers the weight and the loss -

both the initial dielectric loss and the 'aging loss'.


Polypropylene is an outstanding rf dielectric provided it is not

exposed to uv radiation which causes it (and most other plastics) to

become brittle which decreases strength, causes surface cracks which

permit ingress of contaminants.The brown opaque fillers added to

prevent uv deterioration do increase the loss somewhat.Like many

other things in life, nothing is simple!



It is difficult to get good quality 450 ohm open wire line. It is hard

to keep it from twisting shorted on long horizontal runs. The

ladderline is inexpensive, easily obtainable at good quality. And it

won't short by twisting.


So whatís the advantage using open wire line?


Mike and Duane and I finished off the night with Muslims, and if they mostly want to cut off heads and blow shit up.I quoted some data from a Pew Research poll of 14,000 Muslims over 14 countries.I guess they couldnít be devout Muslims, because they mostly donít want to kill folks for dissing their bullshit superstition.


Tuesday Jan 6, 2015


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




Thereís a new kid in town, Stan AA6SC in Mohave.Heís as sane as the rest of us, which I hope he takes as a compliment.Stan has a long history in Pasadena and Sierra Madre, as have I, so we had a great time comparing notes on our experiences in the area.Stan was talking ďmicrocosmicsĒ earlier on during the net.He was relating something he had read on the Quora Digest.So far I canít make heads nor tails of what itís about.Iím afraid the gang told him that I would have something interesting to say about it.Duane AG7G did his best tonight to cope with the ponderous and elephantine ďround tableĒ protocol.Especially sluggish with the big group we had tonight.We did the usual WARFA post mortem.I havenít updated my WARFA jamming graph, because the plateau of about 75 check-ins a week has been holding steady for a long time, but things might be changing.WARFA took 393 check-ins over the past 13 weeks, vs only 262 check-ins for the 13 weeks previous to that.Thatís huge.Thatís 50%.I warned in my semenal report of a few months ago that the jammers cannot let WARFA just keep hanging around, or they will start clawing their way back.WARFAís fun canít just be spoiled, their MORAL must be broken, if they are to be destroyed.The current trend in check-ins clearly calls for more jammers, more power, and bigger antennas.


Tuesday Jan 6, 2015


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




We welcomed home Duane AG7G, tonight.Heís been in Hawaii.What a loser.I bet he had a lousy time.We also welcomed back Ben KD7BCW to the frequency.Heís come around twice recently, and we hope he keeps it up.Dave W6UHA sent me an email informing me of his observations of comet Lovejoy, currently in the constellation of Orion.Dave I guess is heading off to China for another fabulous adventure.What a loser.I bet he will have a lousy time.We talked to Moody some about his tonsil exam.He had his tonsils inspected via LONG PATH, and it really pooped him out.I mean it POOPED HIM OUT.But he got a clean bill of health, and I foresee we will have him to kick around for a good long time to come.The Emmanuel Goldstein of the 21st century took a lot of bashing toward the end of the party.Who will be the next boogeyman?


Friday Jan 2, 2015


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




I was cleaning up my astronomy mess tonight, bringing stuff like the laptop back into the shack, when I turned on the rig and heard Moody WQ6I mention California City John WJ6Q.Wowee wow wow, I had tune up and say hi to John.Well, before I could butt in, Pat W7UA axed if ďthat guyĒ with the well pump problem was around.He had some thoughts about my problem that he wanted to share with me.So I announced myself.Pat said he didnít want to take up a lot of our time Ė the same thing he said last night when he wanted to audio test with us and then spent an hour on it Ė and then gave an hourís dissertation on well pumps, without taking a breath.That brought out all the pump heads with an opinion.God, I didnít know there were so many pump heads out there just bursting to pontificate pump problems.So they all got me straightened out.I didnít really need all the advice.I discovered last night a breaker was off down by the well.I reset the three breakers, but I must have fucked up, because today the well pump repair man reset the breaker himself, and the pump started.All for only $110.00.Yes, I turned the breakers to the ďoffĒ position before I switched them ďon.ĒStill, I obviously fucked up somewhere.I also got some good info from the repair guy, for my money.Since he had the pressure switch opened up, I had him instruct me on its workings.I appreciate all the well-wishing from the well beings who wished me well on the well-being of my well.I thank you all.And thanks again to pump head Pat.Pat said he laid awake much of the night last night thinking about me and my well.After all this well-wishing was done, I finally remembered that I checked in to talk to Cal City John.I axed John about a guy I knew from the scouts in the early seventies, who was now a practicing dentist in Cal City.I told John his name and John said this guy has been his dentist for, like, 35 years.So I told John to pass on my regards.I havenít communicated with the guy, well, since probably 1973.Astronomers Bob VE7SQ and Kevin AD6SL axed me about my RX Andromedae monitoring project.That turned into another huge can of worms.They want me to build a phased array using telescopes.An optical phased array.Donít hold your breath, guys.Send me the 7K for the second telescope, and Iíll think about it.And then somebody wanted to talk about some gigantic planet or other unidentified object that recently has been seen crashing into the Sun.Coast to Coast stuff.I dunno, man, ask Art Bell.


Thursday Jan 1, 2015


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




Well, good olí Pat W6UA checked in tonight axing for a ďquickĒ audio check.Heh, heh.An hour later his quick audio check was done.We really punished him.Ok, though, I love this shit.It could only have been better if it had been Art Bell.Tonightís WARFA was analyzed.Mike AA8KB stands outside of firing range, and just casts his hook into the battle, pulling out one check-in after another.Mike takes exception to my conclusion that the high score Tuesday night indicates that the jamming is effective.He argues that his far flung location enables him to check in stations all over the country.But I countered that he has been helping out all month, not just on the clear frequency night.Well, he then argued that we have had some magical solstice propagation advantage of late.I canít control for that or even quantify it.I stand by my conclusion that the jamming is effective, i.e., the check-ins count is higher on light jamming nights.Moody WQ6I added that some nights when the jamming is bad, the net is cut short.Well, ok, but we donít have the data on that.My conclusion is based on quantitative data that I have, and not all kinda shit that I donít have or that canít be quantified, God dammit.Donít contradict me or Iíll fucking cut you out of this web page.My well pump has crapped out and BZ and I are hauling buckets of water inside to fill the shitters.God, the well pump fixit men are soooooo busy around here that itís hard to get any help.You have to wait so long for assistance that backed up turds start tumbling over the rim of the toilet.The gang gave me a range of advice.I walked down to the pump and did discover that one of the breakers was off.So I switched it on.At the time of this writing it has been over an hour since I switched on the breaker, but it has done no good.Fuck.Happy fucking New Year.


Tuesday Dec 30


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




I guess the opening gambit tonight was Capitan Mike W6MVMís boat.Itís fucked up somehow.Iím not sure if itís afloat or on the bottom.WARFA caught a break tonight, so we discussed that.Only the third stringers showed up to meet WARFA tonight, or should I say ďstringer.ĒPathetic.Like a single gnat at a pick nick.No passion, no commitment.WARFA decided to extend the net to the traditional two hours, because QRM was minimal, but the third stringer pooped out.There was snoring on freq when the third stringer disappeared, and the snoring went on well after the frequency was abandoned.Apparently itís a recording that has been heard before.Forty-nine check-ins.That the count was much higher than the nightly average reveals two things: 1) The jamming is effective.2) WARFA is intact: the WARFA stations are out there and still interested, but many just canít get in.As I type this Iím listening to the HHH net being jammed by CW CQing; no ID, needless to say.We did a lot of testing tonight of Music Mikeís rain gutter and sloper.Itís fascinating to hear how the changes he makes affects the sent and received signals between Mike and the rest of the group.God, I love that shit.We talked with Mike at length about piano voicing, tuning, and temperament.The temperament issue is very interesting.If you tune for the best sounding chords, then the octaves are not going to be exactly a factor of two apart in freq (if my understanding of this is correct).Comrade Mike AA8KB mentioned high mountains with big telescopes on top, and that got us talking about Mauna Kea (to the top of which Music Mike has been) and other big mountains and our experiences at dizzying altitudes.We met some cool new people tonight, and we hope they come back.


Monday Dec 29


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




I donít remember much about this QSO.I do remember the BIG NEWS, though: Ben KD7BCW on freq.Ben sounds in good health and good spirits.No more kids on the way, apparently.Ben is doing some antenna work.I guess a couple of Yagis are going up.I wanted to ax for some juicy Art Bell poop, but I never got to it.Ben says that now that he knows where we are, heíll be back.


Sunday Dec 21


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




When I tuned in, there wasnít much happening, but wowee wow wow, a buncha people came outta the woodwork.We did a WARFA post mortem.Jack N6LN was reported to have checked into WARFA.Jamming stimulates Beverage talk.Comrade Mike AA8KB has a couple of narrow beam Bevs pointed at So. Cal that shave northern California right off.Larry K6VLF made the Bored scene tonight.He does VLF experimentation, if you can believe that.Larry listens to atmospheric whistlers.We were also joined tonight by Mark WF7M in WA and John N0PQK in MN.By the end of the night we were still talking about Beverages and ferrites.Duane AG7G says they squirm and bite.




Saturday Dec 20


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




Small talk tonight.Antennas, radios.Barry N6VOH was just checking out as I checked in.I didnít get to meet him.Something fun DID finally happen: audio testing!!!We fixed Moody WQ6Iís audio.I was pretty lazy about keeping track of the talk tonight.Happy solstice all you Pagan bastards.Iíll see you in HELL.


Thursday Dec 18


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




Fun QSO, but I canít remember much about it.I may have had too many Keoki Coffeeís during WARFA.I threw up, barfed up, a quick Beverage antenna this afternoon.Stan WG6K says that what I have is not a Beverage, but merely a very low long wire.Whatever it is, the rejection off the sides compared to the ends is amazing.Comrade Mike has done some work for me on my Bev, and has sent me the details on how to upgrade my low long wire to a Bev.Wowee wow wow, WARFA got their asses kicked tonight.The jammers win this one.WARFA canít just stand flat footed in the middle of the ring and take the pounding.They gotta move and groove, dodge and weave, float like a butterflyÖI.e., use a second freq, or something.Donít just do the same thing over and over.Relay stations and net control gotta give the date and/or time every transmission.I myself was fooled by the recordings.If you donít make the jammers work, they will just start the recordings and go watch TV.The JW attacked again.Luckily, I was in bed again.BZ headed them off once again, and told them I was ďunavailable.Ē


Tue Dec 16


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




The Geminids meteor shower has been raging lately, and we talked about that.There was some WARFA talk, but I forgot what is was.Quartzfest is coming up this Jan.Is that a transvestite on their website?Moody WQ6I is talking about making the scene.Talk propagated to topics DX, such as best QTHís for DX.Duane AG7G was daydreaming out loud about exotic travel.He was doing some virtual travel via Googlemaps.Talk on this net inevitably turns to drugs.So we covered the gamut again.Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs.When nicotine comes up, you naturally think Mal N7MAL.We wondered if he was still alive (or still smoking; if one is true, then the other must be).Judging from QRZ, heís alive and smoking.While we were on the topic of hams, dead or alive, we thought about trying to conjure the great dead hams, such as Orv K6UEY.Some thought that some kind of sťance within the confines of my loop might conjure him.I got to know Frank WI2R tonight.Nice guy.I hope he comes back for more.His signal was really weak, and tough for Comrade Mike AA8KB to copy.Mike was somewhat hard on poor old Frank for his shitty antenna and signal, but thatís ok because Frankís shitty antennaís shitty reception protected him from Mikeís criticism.


Wed Dec 10 (I guess)


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




This is another entry long after the fact.Moody WQ6I informed me that Captain Mike W6MVM is having trouble floating his boat, so the big boat ride to see the Parade of Lights is sunk.I guess if I want to see the parade Iíll just have to stand on the shore like the rest of the scum.I was axed by somebody what I would name my boat if I had one.Art Bell, what else?They said it had to be a girlie name.Ok, I dunno, how about Tinker Bell?Another famous Bell that I love.I think it was Duane AG7G and Comrade Mike AA8KB who compared notes on how they discovered Art Bell, and how their lives subsequently changed.I think you could make a heart-warming Christmas movie out of stories like that.Mike or Duane would be standing on the edge of a bridge on a cold bleak night, looking down into the rushing water below, and a ghostly image would appear and remark, ďhey, nice audio.ĒAnd then theyíd have a reason to go on.They would loot the building and loan, and blow the money on audio gear.


JW Report


Oh, Jeezus, they came back.The JW came back this past Saturday morning.I was sleeping very late, so BZ intercepted them at the gate to our little fenced-in yard.They elected not to open the gate and come to the front door, but to stand out there calling my name: Glenn, are you in there?Glenn, God wants us to talk to you!BZ just kept telling them that I wasnít available, and that I wouldnít be available for several hours, because I wasnít getting enough fiber.They persisted a bit, and then hit the road.BZ said that they were impressed with me the first time they ambushed me out on the antenna farm, and that they said, Guys ďlike himĒ usually wonít talk to us.Well, I did NOT talk to them about their superstition, or allow myself to be drawn into debate over how a miraculous thing like the oak tree in our yard could happen by chance.I was merely polite to some very nice old guys.They would have axed me if Iíd read the copy of The Watchtower, which they left with me on their first visit.I would not have had the heart to tell them that I did not read it, or that it wound up in the bottom of the tortoise box.Unless they can advise me on how to get a better seat in the Fiery Grandstand than Comrade Mike, then I frankly have noooooo bidness with them.



Monday Dec 8


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




When I checked in, Mike KB1UM was getting some advice on lighting protection from John K7PRS and Mike AA8KB.I axed Moody WQ6I if he was still coming down for the big boat ride with Captain Mike W6MVM, to view the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights.I guess heís coming.Music Mike KB1UM told us he once performed music on a boat that was in a parade of lights in SF, and his band won second place for live music.I reported on my dx adventure on 20 earlier this evening.I worked VU3WIJ.He has an amazing home brew station.Much of it he made for CHEAP.Heís got my call wrong (NK6Z) on his QRZ page.Conversation moved on to smoking and eating shit in Colorado.Pot talk is gateway conversation to harder topics, and sure enough, in no time we were talking about LSD and other hard drugs.We even discussed getting high on nutmeg.It was a big surprise when Pat W7UA checked in.He used to check in to the old Little People Net, before everybody started hating each other.



Wed Dec 3


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




Iím writing this up days after the fact.I canít remember too much about the QSO.Moody WQ6I has gotten a couple of emails from a female ham named Kim.She listens and approves of our little party, but she does not have the spectrum privileges to join us.Hopefully she will upgrade, join us, and get bored.I baked the hell out of some toll house cookies on this night.I didnít burn them, but they were just cooked to death.So I compared notes with John K7PRS on cookie baking.You really need to be disciplined and take the damn things out of the oven when the directions say to, gooey and runny though the cookies may be.Mike KB1UM has lost an important thumb drive that he always keeps near his computer.It just vanished into thin air.Itís the stuff of Coast to Coast.Mike got a couple of musical gigs for this month.He also needs to get to work on the second edition of his book.Or is it a NEW fix it book?Iím not sure.I still would like to get a copy of the first book, if he can get it autographed for me by Art Bell.Comrade Mike AA8KB kept me on the edge of my seat with some recordings of Art Bell on the ham radio, and some old recordings of Mike KB1UM audio testing.Really old stuff.I talked some EZ NEC with Comrade Mike.Mike has the Silver Dick version of EZ NEC, with the 1500 segment capability, so I guess Iím going to have to get that, or Mike is going to be looking down miles of nose at me.


Monday Dec 1


The Bored Collective3636

Resistance is futile.




Iím trying out a new name for the net.I made a joke about calling it the Borg Collective, but John K6PRS made a better joke by suggesting we call it the Bored Collective.So weíll see if it catches on.Mike W6MVM is hosting a fabulous party on one of his big boats.Itís going to be Dec. 14.Heís going to float some of us over to the San Diego Parade of Lights.Weíre not going to be in the parade, but we are going to spectate.Shawn N7TNP, son of Conrad, checked in and got some unsolicited audio help.I was once again enraptured.Had to change my underwear several times.Shawn is running the PR-40 and W2IHY boxes, just like me and Art Bell.We were so busy ďhelpingĒ Shawn with his audio, that we totally blew off K6ORJ when he tried to check in.We really can be selfish assholes when we are having an audio orgy.We wanted to help Shawn with his dadís Butternut, but Shawn knew better than to fuck up both his dadís audio settings AND his antenna.Shawn is going home to Oregon, and when he gets some power and a decent antenna, he is going to join the Bored Collective again.I saw Interstellar recently, and cussed and discussed it with the gang.We talked movies in general for a while, and somehow wound up talking about Tyson and Cosmos and Nova.Moody WQ6I has never seen E.T., or seen Nova on PBS.Moody, come out of your cave.I precipitated in my first ham radio contest recently: the Sweepstakes.I didnít submit a log, because I only had, like, seven stations, and I didnít think that was good enough to win, but I did exchange with these stations all the required info.It was fun.I might do it again.I was in the high power, single op category.Seven stations isnít much, but I got them all in less than one minute, because I have a good antenna.I pooped out pretty quickly, because I am not in shape for contesting, but my endurance will improve with practice, and I expect to break into double digits next time.


Friday Nov 28


The Low Down and High Smelliní Net3636




I listened, enraptured, for about thirty minutes while the gang audio tested with Mike KB1UM.Then I jumped in.I had to jump in and out because I was making observations out on the driveway for my dwarf nova project, the photometry for which I am contributing to an observing campaign.The photometry supports Very Large Array observations of a number of dwarf novae.I chatted with Duane AG7G and John K7PRS about my likely vee/loop coupling.I need to put up a mast dedicated to supporting my vee, and get it the hell away from the loop, if I am going to A-B the two.Duane discussed his cake baking with John.Jack N6LN has been contemplating the people dropping dead around him, and remarked that it is sad and is bumming him out.Those people have gone on to glory.Nothing to fret about.They are with Orv now.And another treat tonight was a long rehash by Moody WQ6I and Duane, of the history of the final days of Ramona Bell and the shit that went down with GU around that time.In fact the post mortem went all the way back to the days of Orv K6UEY on 3830, and the problems that arose when Art and GU joined up.


Wed Nov 26


The Low Down and High Smelliní Net3636




We had quite a party tonight.None of the usual friction.I told the gang a concert story.Just before the start of the concert, a French horn player and his chair and his horn tumbled off the back of the riser upon which he was sitting.Thank god the horn didnít break.Tonight we met Conrad N7ENís son, Shawn N7TNP.He sounds just like Conrad, and just as happy.We did a lot of antenna testing with Mike KB1UM.I love that shit.I hope we can do some audio testing next.Jack N6LN checked in late.We havenít heard from Jack in a while.He had some recommendations for Duane on what to read and how to better spend his time.We talked pianos with Music mike.I axed Mike some questions about his musical exploits of late.Apparently he doesnít want to teach any more, or play the cruise ship gig he had for a while.There is a lot of communicable disease on cruise ships, and Mike had more than his share.Mike also doesnít draw the type of crowd that buys a lot of booze.Mike is too classy for that cruise line, apparently.Mike should perform the type of show that the 80 meter crowd would like, then a lot of booze would get sold.


Wed Nov 19


The Low Down and High Smelliní Net3636




The QSO tonight was just heavenly.I checked in to touch bases with Moody WQ6I, regarding the BIG SHEW in Poway this Sunday, and the big feed following.Moody wants to know where exactly to sit for the best view of my beautiful face.Then Duane AG7G checked in, and he gave us the poop on his local weather, his gallbladder, local repeaters, and all kinda great shit like that.Thatís how I knew this was going to be a great QSO.I just love that shit.What could be better?Art Bell, thatís what.Moody talked to us about his RV-loop dueling with Art.Bonnie Crystal told Moody some secret balun shit to do to his loop, which made him competitive with Art.Phil WB6GGY said he has a loop and a Pro II because of Art Bell.I was just in heaven listening to this shit.Loops and weather and Art Bell.Moody offered some fragmentary intelligence on Jim GU, but I donít know if itís accurate, so Iíll leave it out.Mike KB1UM checked-in running power, and a half-sloper.He was weaker overall on the sloper than the rain gutter.So he ABíd the two radiators for us, trying different things.We got into a huge antenna analysis over this.Mike is pretty discouraged that his half-sloper sucks compared to the rain gutter.We all think he should put in a counterpoise for the sloper.I told a story about how I was out in the yard working on my antenna, and making a very important cell phone call.An impressive looking SUV drove up the long dirt driveway, with three well-dressed dudes inside.They got out and seemed very interested in my antenna masts.I thought they might be from my insurance company, or maybe the power company.I thought they were going to give me some shit about my loop.I have never been so happy to talk to Jehovahís Witnesses in my life.Anyway, this story got us onto the subject of religion and creationism.Mike AA8KB and Duane then turned that into a long argument about Islam.The content was ok, but the fifteen minute doubles were killing the net.Moody stepped in and broke it up.Only the discipline of the round table can protect the net from this sort of thing.Only the discipline of the round table can keep Art Bell on the table, where he belongs.So we dumped the Muslims and talked more about the big shew on Sunday.Duane mentioned something along the way about the absolute truth of math.Well, donít get too comfortable until you have checked out Godelís incompleteness theorems:'s_incompleteness_theorems.Iíve been lying awake nights worrying about this.


Now, these JWís donít want me to burn in Hell, thatís why they came to the house to save me.But that whole episode in the yard with these guys got me thinking about how some kind of Earthly counseling is needed for the Damned, like me.Iím going down, I know that, but it has been on my mind lately that I want a better seat in the fiery grandstand than, say, Mike AA8KB, or Duane AG7G.But how to get that?What will the god I meet be the angriest about?Would he be more pissed off that I believed in no god, rather than the WRONG god.For example, what if I meet the god of Isis?It seems like he would want to cut my head off, I suppose making me even more dead than I already will be, if I worshiped the Christian god.Maybe heíd go easier on me if I just believed in no god.But who knows?What if this god thinks that Mike is some kind of wild-eyed Communist?What if this god doesnít like Commies?Then Mike should burn hotter and deeper than I, donít you think?And how about Duane?Heís some kind of half-assed Buddhist, I guess.What if God doesnít like Eastern religious bullshit?Then I think Duane will be mucking around down there with Mike.I just donít know what is going to happen.None of the Damned do.So we really need a Minister of the Damned to advise us on making the best of a bad situation, and Hell is going to be a bad situation.What about BZ?She took the JW literature and put it in the bottom of the tortoise box.Oh, sweet Jeezus.Thatís just in-your-face irreverence.I think she might be keeping some Bad Company with Mike and Duane.



Tue Nov 11


The Low Down and High Smelliní Net3636




I jumped in with a thin film of brandy in the bottom of a cup, and toasted my grandpa (Roscoe V. Thurman, my dadís dad) for his service in the US Marines.I read an old San Diego Union article about him.He was highly decorated.And then I toasted Art Bell and thanked him for his service.And I thanked my dad for HIS service.And Moody WQ6I clanged a bell in honor of my dad and his dad.There wasnít a dry eye in the house.I had the whole day off today, and Tuesday is normally my heaviest day.More than half of my teaching hours for the week are on Tuesday.So goofing off all day today was heaven.Itís the closest Iíll ever get, anyway.Ebola and recent Ebola victims and potential Ebola victims came up in conversation.Then we started talking about longest running TV series.I guess cuz I mentioned one of the creators of The Simpsons is dying of colon cancer.The Simpsons is a very long running series.Fourteen episodes.A match for Bonanza.When Duane AG7G checked in, Captain Mike W6MVM checked out.Now, I donít know if there was a causal connection, but Duane seemed to think so.Comrade Mike AA8KB and I talked about school and the long strange trip of being raised Catholic.Wowee wow wow, we really went to Hell, didnít we?Ok, well, maybe not YET.Mike was very surprised that when I was confirmed, I/we were given the option of taking a pledge that we would not drink alcohol.I just slumped down in the pew so the Bishop would not see me blowing off the pledge.I wonder if I had taken it, how much it would have improved my chances of getting into Heaven.Perhaps my chances would have improved from 0.0%, to 0.00%.Music Mike KB1UM joined the party, so I read an article about how your chances of prostate cancer go down the more women that you screw.Mike is going to be stuck indoors because of weather for a long time, so I suggested he make good use of the time by fucking his brains out.Keep your prostate empty.Squirt out the carcinogens and crystal structures in the prostate fluid.Do not do this with homosexuals, as the benefit disappears, possibly from the trauma of being rammed up the ass.Iím afraid Disneyland Anal Pass holders may have an increased risk of prostate cancer.Duane joined in the school daze discussion.We talked about prehistoric computer games, such as Lunar Lander.I liked that one very much.It was just a command line game, in its earliest incarnation.Then Comrade Mike and I got into a long and interesting (in my opinion) antenna modeling discussion.


Saturday Nov 8


The Low Down and High Smelliní Net3636




We talked about my loop, mostly, at least after I checked in.John K7PRS recommends a 9:1 balun for my 450-ohm-ladder-line-fed antennas, because 450/50 = 9.Before I invest in one of those, Iím going to put the antenna analyzer on the lines and see what impedance the rig actually sees.I canít operate power on 160, because even though the tuner finds a match, I still hear sparking in the amp.The 9:1 may be the answer, but Iíve got to investigate further.Kevin KD6SL thinks I ought to stick to dipoles on 20, because the radiation pattern of the loop on 20 is so flower petal-like.The loop absolutely clobbers my vee on 20 in all directions, so Iíll be sticking with the loop on 20.I would like to build a three element quad, which would give the loop a better run for its money on 20.John doesnít think the loop could stand up to a beam at 100 feet, but thatís hardly fair.My loop is only 62 feet high.I would like to get on the ANZA dx net some night with Moody WQ6I, and get some signal reports for use in comparing his SteppIR with my loop.The loopís advantage over the vee starts disappearing fast around 5 MHz, but is still significant at 5 MHz.As the freq goes down, the loop and vee are both shorter and lower in terms of wavelength.So I am going to try an experiment.I am going to lower the loop significantly, and see if the loopís advantage over the vee at 5 MHz is significantly reduced.If so, I will conclude that a major contributing factor in the loop having such a small edge over the vee at 3.5 Mhz, is that the loop is just not high enough.If, however, the low loop is still much better than the vee, then I will conclude the that the reason the loop has such a small edge over the vee at 3.5 Mhz is because the 1000 foot loop is TOO SMALL.Further, if the conclusion is that the loop is too small, I will predict that when I add the additional 500 feet, doubling the enclosed area, that the loop will finally show a significant edge over the vee at 3.5 MHz.


Thursday Nov 6


The Low Down and High Smelliní Net3636




This QSO was really for the birds.I mean, I really wanted to give these guys the bird.I tuned in, hoping to hear weather reports, signal reports, Art Bell reports, and other exciting stuff, but these fuckers were talking about BIRDS!Wowee wow wow, Iím nothing if not a bird lover, so I checked in.I mentioned in passing that the high winds predicted around here, that I expected would knock my loop around, did not materialize.I also mentioned that I watch the forecast on and like the site very much.Well, Comrade Mike AA8KB has a huge bone for guess itís got all kinds of bells and whistles and power and flexibility.Iím sure canít do all that shit.So fuck sure you are wearing your reinforced underwear before you dare to use Mikeís BIG BONE Duane AG7G says he just looks out the window for his weather data.WARFA, WARFA jamming, and the Sherriff came up again.I guess Duane has pissed off the Sherriff, and now the Sheriff is monitoring Duaneís ďsignal levels.ĒWhoa, Daddy!, has Duane got trouble now.When the Sherriff starts watching your signal levels, you are fucked, man.You know you are fucked.I brought up Rolling Stoneís top 100 vocalists of all time.You can find the list on the internet, but you gotta subscribe to the mag to get the discussion.Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger are in the top ten.How is it that those guys even make the list at all?Why isnít Sonny Bono in the top ten, or at least on the list, if Dylan and Jagger are?Now I am well aware that Dylan and Jagger are among the greatest rockers of all time, but are they very good singers?Urethra Franklin was number one.Thatís fine.At least sheís a great singer.Duane twisted Mike KB1UMís arm for some exposition on life in Colorado.Mike has been working some parties and restaurants, but has no permanent gig at this time.Mike is dating a woman from some hell hole called Arvada.Itís a very long drive from where Mike lives.Susan will be driving over to Mikeís for their next date, and I hope Mike prepares well by looking over



Sunday Nov 2


The Low Down and High Smelliní Net3636




Repeaters, repeaters, repeaters.Thatís why I checked in.But then the conversation shifted to Mike W6MVMís new boat-location.I wish he had checked with me on that, because now BZ and I canít come down and see free Humphreyís concerts.Mikeís boat is at a different marina.I reported on minor wind damage to one of my loop masts, and that deflected the conversation to antennas.Bob AF6D had some questions for the group, about bazookas.There was tons of doubling tonight.Jeezus.Mike KB1UM has hooked up with a new woman.Her name is Susan and he met her online.That is so romantic, donít you think?I hope for some stories from Mike about romancing Susan.I played an A minor and an E minor on my guitar, over the air, and Mike named the chords without hesitation.Bob told us a story about a guy in the hospital, who had a fifteen inch dick.Nurses were coming around and taking peeks under the sheet.I donít know the setup for this story.Who the guy was or how Bob knows about him, I donít know, so if you want the details, or just want to talk dick, talk to Bob.