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Frequently Asked Questions on AstroStop ...


Q.  Who is the creator of AstroStop?

A.  Dave Schmahl of Yuma, Arizona.  Dave holds a bachelor's degree in Astronomy from San Diego State University which he earned in 1986.  He has enjoyed his hobby as an amateur Astronomer and astro-photographer for many years, and wanted to share his body of work with the world.  If you share Dave's interests, please join him by submitting your photos to AstroStop.

Q.  How do I submit my photos to AstroStop?


Q.  How do I change the width of the sidebars?

A.  Click on the inside edge of the sidebar window, and drag it to the right or left to show more or less of that bar.

Q.  Which comet was used for the background image?

A.  The Great Comet of 1996, Comet Hyakutake.  The photo used for the background image was taken by Dave Schmahl on March 26, 1996.  The comet was very close to Polaris at that time, which is the bright star above and to the right of the comet's head.  See the original photo used for the background image here ...

Q.  Which comet had the longest tail?

A.  The Great Comet of 2007, Comet McNaught (C/2006 P1), which was the brightest comet since Comet Ikeya–Seki in 1965.  Throughout Comet McNaught's visit to the inner solar system it was mostly visible from the Southern hemisphere. During this comet's all-to-brief period of peak brightness its tail became so long that the end of the tail could be seen from the Northern hemisphere!

Do you have a suggestion for something new to add to AstroStop?  Or do you have a question to ask?  Please email Dave and your question may appear on FAQs.